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Rivanol Russian – available tool for hair removal

Nature has given women a great hair, beauty and health which allows you to charm a strong half of mankind. However, in some places, excess vegetation is undesirable, and many would like to get rid of her once and for all.

Rivanol in Russian

We offered to your attention review of the German effective product for hair removal – Rivanola, meet his Russian counterpart. The domestic pharmaceutical industry is keeping up with the times and wishes of women, many drugs are not less worthy than European counterparts.

Popular cosmetic skin treatment Rivanol used in the care for problem skin, clinically proven to remove hair on face and body. Russian beauties have been able to see the effectiveness of rivanol, as a cosmetic drug.

The result – soft skin and smooth legs!

Rivanol, both German and Russian certainly has in its composition active substance ethacridine lactate, and boric acid. These components made it an effective tool for the health of the skin of the face and body, as well as solution for hair removal.

Domestic manufacturers offer the following products:

  • a solution of rivanol 1% in a bottle;
  • a solution of rivanol 0.1 percent in the vial;
  • sachets of 1 g to prepare.

Any form of medication may be used in procedures for hair removal, you need to choose based on personal preference and ease of use.

Method of use of Russian Rivanol

Boric acid and ethacridine destroy hair follicles and it is this property and made the drug an effective tool for hair removal. Solution for hair removal treatments prepared in a ratio of 10 g powder sachets in 1 litre of warm water, you can buy a 1% solution.

To check for allergic reactions you need to put a solution on my elbow for 6 hours. Course of beauty treatments at least two weeks. A cotton sponge the solution is applied on the problem areas, then the skin is massaged, it is better to do it in the evening after hygienic procedures.

Efficacy for hair removal

Rivanol Russian producers preferred because it is easy to find in pharmacies, the price of the product much lower than foreign, while the effect is obvious, in the literal and figurative sense. Don't forget about ostorozhnosti applications and the preparation of the solution strictly according to the recipe.

Women choose rivanol for the following reasons:

  • painless procedures without irregularities of the skin;
  • long-term sustainability of results;
  • the effect is smooth and beautiful skin without ingrownhairs.

To choose which drug to purchase Russian or German is a matter of taste of every woman. Both representatives adequately keep the brand pharmaceutical industry in their countries, because the health and beauty women are equally priceless at any people.