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Tar shampoo 911 as a remedy for dandruff

Dandruff, itching, irritation? This problem in the past, those who know about tar shampoo 911. This is a simple and affordable way to quickly cleanse your scalp and get rid of the unpleasant symptoms.

911 tar shampoo for dandruff

In Finland there is a saying "If the disease is not treated vodka and tar, it is incurable". It Means contraindications: children up to age 2 years. Individual intolerance to the components.

How it works shampoo:

  • Suppresses the activity of fungi
  • Gently cleanses
  • Get rid of dandruff
  • Eliminates itching
  • Relieves irritation

The shampoo is available in vials, plastic, volume 150 ml Each placed in a cardboard box. Amber color, average texture, foams well. Excreted by the smell of tar, which not everyone likes. But erode the hair rapidly and already after drying is not felt.

Tar shampoo 911: instructions for use

Treatment tar shampoo is unlimited and lasts until the complete disappearance of the problem. Also the tool can be used to prevent dandruff. Sometimes it's used for people with oily hair, lacking volume.

Application of shampoo:

  1. Moisturize hair.
  2. Squeeze the product on the palm and lather.
  3. Apply to hair and scalp, massage.
  4. To withstand 3 minutes.
  5. Rinse.

If your hair is very thick, oily or a lot of dandruff, it is recommended to wash them 2 times. First time just for cleansing, and the second means to stand on the hair for a few minutes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

Price tar shampoo 911

To buy a tool at the pharmacy. Price tar shampoo 911 in Moscow ranges from 120 to 180 rubles for a bottle. In Saint-Petersburg is a bit cheaper and in some pharmacies can buy 115-140 rubles.

Tar shampoo 911: reviews

Diane, 33 years:

Was looking for a remedy for dandruff, read reviews of the tar shampoo 911 on some forum and decided to try it. Was pleasantly surprised itch that plagued 2 weeks, was gone after the first!!! application. Dandruff has also become less, let's see what will happen next. By the way, about the smell – I actually like the guy, nothing nasty in it do not see.

Svetlana, 21 years:

I have very oily hair, permanently tight and often appears dandruff. 911 shampoo with tar – my salvation. My head constantly for over a year. The hair is voluminous, clean, not sit down for 2 days. Have noticed that they are much faster growing. Of the minuses – not all pharmacies sold but can be ordered.

Antonina M., 57 years old:

Shampoo declared 911 as an alternative to tarsoap. But I do not agree. Soap I like more, though daughter more form of shampoo, because the hair is long. Overall good tool, on a 4+.

Simon, 37 years:

When you suffer with dandruff for a month and changed several shampoos, went to the pharmacy. There are offered several funds to choose from, the cheapest is shampoo 911. But the chemist somehow recommended it, so I took it. After 2 days of almost no dandruff, slightly appeared in the evening. After a week I forgot about the problem.

Anna, 24 years:

The shampoo is very effective and really helps, but the smell ((( I can Not use it in its pure form. Be sure to add a few drops of orange oil, lemon or lavender. So much better and nicer.

Lily, 39 years:

Dandruff has been my companion most of my life, since childhood. What I just did, and the doctors appealed, and folk remedies used. But she again appeared, the dermatologist said it was due to sensitive scalp. Tool with tar from the 911 I use more half a year, no dandruff. But there was another problem, I'm afraid to go back to conventional shampoos, and tar from really dry hair.

Andrew, 29 years:

Used a tar shampoo for psoriasis. Skin condition has improved markedly, but really the disease is not passed. I had to connect to the treatment ointments prescribed by your dermatologist.

Shampoo with tar from the 911 despite its low cost has proven itself as an effective tool in the fight against seborrhea and psoriasis of the scalp. So if you have such problems, it is worth it to try.

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