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10 main types of shampoos — review and feature

The first shampoo appeared just over 100 years ago and the girls of that time did not have to choose its shape or

The main problem is oily – increased greasiness. The hair quickly lose volume and look dirty and unkempt hanging icicles.

Its main task is to clean the hair from dirt. It does not contain any active ingredients with moisturizing, nourishing or degreasing action. But the number and composition of detergent components selected in such a way as not to overdry the hair and do not contribute to their brining.

Dry shampoo

It refers to the gentle method of staining, as it does not harm your hair and allows you to change the color or to give saturation and brightness are available. Can be used as paint and applied tightly or used as a normal cleanser. It is not necessary to wash your hair toning shampoo in the shower, better to do it in a basin or in the sink. Be sure to use gloves. Despite the fact that the tool does not apply to persistent, it perfectly stains the skin and hands.

Anti-dandruff shampoo

Do not confuse shampoos for leaving

Simultaneously cleans the hair and cares for them. Detangles, infuses moisture and adds softness. Are for different hair types. Convenient option does not require extra cost and time. But many women say that individually the tools are much better.

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This shampoo does not make hair thicker, but covers their rough film, due to which the hair gets extra volume. Subsequent washing of the coating washed off. You can often hear the opinion that with regular use of funds for the volume condition of the hair deteriorates. The fact that the effect is due to the contained in the shampoo composition of polymers and silicones deposited on the surface of the hair. And they have a cumulative effect and aggravate the already lacking volume hair. Don't use these tools constantly.

Shampoos for hair are many, and their action depends on the task. It is therefore important not only to understand the means, but to be able to correctly identify your hair type and the problem. If you are unable to find a suitable care and a range of bubbles in the bath will soon reach a store, it is wise to contact the experts.