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Nizoral – anti-dandruff shampoo No. 1 (review, reviews, manual, price)

I Nizoral didn't help. Used 4 weeks, dandruff became a little less itch has passed the cut. And that's all. To the end of it my scalp has not healed. And my hair some bold, on the second day you have to wash them up again. Likely to me means just not suitable, today acquired another drug with ketoconazole. Let's see what happens.

Vera, 31 years:

Buying Nizoral, effective drug for treatment of dandruff. But no different from too bad or Perhotelan. Works just as well. I see no reason to pay several times more. The itching is instantly, hair loss after 5-6 applications. But I've never been treated according to instructions. I wanted faster results, and I was washing my hair is 2 times a week.

Olesya, 39:

Dandruff has been my constant companion and appeared several times a year. Nizoral found out about 5 years ago, and at first he was helping me. But then, buying again, I didn't see any result. He delivered only from itching, and snow was on the head, and left. Don't know why this happened, if dandruff had a different origin, or I fake shampoo got.

Jan, 26 years:

Nizoral used to treat scabs the child on the head. They first appeared in infancy and vicesimus comb. It's all over. Then we noticed new growths, when the baby was a year old, and the crust was very dense and firmly held on the skin. Was diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis. When the washing was done the foam shampoo in the troubled area, stood a few minutes and washed off. It was over in a month.

Rimma, 23:

Nizoral is very good! Previously, I saw these pills to deal with ringworm which he picked up in camp. Now he helped me in 5 applications to cope with dandruff, which snow covers my dark hair. Now this is my magic wand and keep it always at hand.

Nizoral shampoo is an effective agent for the treatment of fungal diseases, which operates in 90% of cases. There are many analogues for the current component. If funds with ketoconazole does not help, then the cause may be hiding in the wrong application or the origin of the disease.