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Dry shampoo – clean hair in all conditions

Cases in life are different, and there are even worse! We are talking about the fact that sometimes you can not wash the head and then the whole world is just collapsing. It is, of course, down not literally but in your mind and attitude for sure. If you are in the country and there is no water, somewhere in the campaign, trip, expedition, or whatever, and no water at all, I can get through it hard. For a woman to go a few days with unwashed head like the journey to Calvary.

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Apparently the one who decided to invent a dry shampoo that had been in such situations, therefore, a thought in his head (I think she) came. It's a unique tool, which is sprayed from the spray head, it looks like the dust a few minutes to massage the head, then comb the hair comb all ready, hair as clean as after washing! Come to the rescue of grandma's ways in which women enjoyed before the beginning of the "era of universal advancement".

What can be used as dry shampoo?

By such means "emergency wash assistance for hair include:

  • plain soda;
  • corn starch (not potato);
  • oatmeal, ground into flour in a coffee grinder;
  • baby powder;
  • flour normal.

This means that are able to remove fat from the hair, and they will no longer feel greasy, even a little bigger. Method wash the dry method is simple – you need to apply on the hair a bit of any "flour", it is good to massage the hair and head, then comb through the hair thoroughly.

The nuances of using dry shampoo

There are some nuances that must be considered in order to the untidiness of the sebaceous hair not to add "cookies" in the hair.

To apply any means necessary to completely dry the head and hair, otherwise everything will turn into paste and comb then you have a piece of cooking of hair will not work. Most reliable is regular soda and oatmeal, everything else is a bit not as efficiently cleanses the hair from fat.

All the methods are suitable for light hair, on dark will remain whitish patina. For dark hair it is best to use cocoa powder, it and the fat will be removed, and white will not.

It is not necessary to apply such tools are quite often the hair becomes brittle and unruly.

It is only an emergency procedure when there is simply no other way. Therefore, going camping, to the cottage, on a trip or expedition, it is best to prepare this mixture, which you like. And for this we need the house to try all the options, choose a reasonable. Well in this mixture "washroom" you can add a few drops of perfume, then after drywashing the hair will be fragrant and not greasy stale.