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Rivanol is a reliable means for hair removal

Thin, sparse hair or lack of them. Could this be a dream? Can! When it comes to unwanted hair on the body or face. Modern women are not satisfied with excess vegetation, and they are diligently trying to get rid of it. For this purpose various means, one of these is called the rivanol.

What is the Rivanol?

Rivanol is a drug with antiseptic. Before actively used in surgery and gynecology, was used to treat skin diseases and inflammation. Rivanol particularly effective against streptococci, gonococci and other elements of the coccal flora. The main active ingredients – boric acid, and ethacridine.

The drug is in the form of tablets, ointments, solutions and powders. The choice depends on the purpose of use and the disease. In some illnesses rivanol taken orally, for example in inflammatory bowel diseases. The drug is contraindicated in diseases and pathology of the kidneys. Sometimes causes an allergic reaction in form of itching, redness and rashes.

If Rivanol for hair removal?

In an antiseptic drug used less and substituted analogues. Today is actively used rivanol for

Never suffered high hairiness. At the age of 38 gave birth to her second child and can't even remember when there was a black mustache, and then a light goatee. The first thing I did (and what then long sorry) is I've shaved it off the machine. The hairs became thicker. The skin above the lip has acquired an ugly form. Yes, and the procedure quite painful. Rivanol saved me from this problem for 10 days. The result is super! Recommend!

Anna, 20 years

Years at 13 the first time I shaved my legs. Without telling mom. All the girls are shaved, so I decided. Since I had to do this every 2-3 days. About rivanol said a neighbor. She ordered powder from China, where it costs a penny, but she had to order a lot. Well, I helped out, bought some. Now I got rid of the vegetation not only on the legs.

Ainura, age 37

I have a lot of hair on arms, legs, everywhere. I believe that it's hereditary, as my mom has the same problem at the sisters. Used rivanol about a month. Part of the hair is gone, the rest now a bit thinner and softer. Completely failed to get rid of. But I'm glad. At least thin hairs easier to remove with the epilator is not as painful. Even after shaving there is no such thorness.

Jan, 32 years

Not to say that the tool is universal and fits all. On his feet perfectly, with a little less hair after a few applications, but on the face caused dryness and peeling. My skin is too sensitive and thin. Want to try a solution of lower concentration. Maybe that was my problem. Continue yourexperiment!

Today there are a huge number of ways to remove unwanted hair. But some cause pain, others provide a short-term effect, and others not everyone can afford due to high cost. Rivanol – an effective and safe remedy is worth a try.