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What you need to know about tar soap

Surely you know that the tar is still has long been considered a medicine. It was used almost everywhere, including for the treatment of skin diseases and hair problems.

Despite the "not very pleasant" smell, tar has a number of useful actions:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • antiseptic
  • drying

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Of the scalp disease can also be treated by this remedy: it will quickly reduce inflammation and heal small wounds.

The basic properties of soap

Coal-tar soap solves wide range of problems associated with the scalp: it eliminates dandruff, nourishes the scalp, reduces the formation of sebum, strengthens hair and speeds up hair growth.

Before you use soap be sure to note some nuances, the violation of which can lead to the loss of effect. It is worth noting that the first use of soap will not give amazing results, as your hair are not yet used to. To achieve the huge effect of the soap should be more than a week.

Tar is popularly known as its "unpleasant" smell during the wash soaks into the hair. To troubleshoot it you will need to rinse hair with lemon water, which not only removes odor but will also give your hair Shine. After this rinsing, the hair it is recommended to impregnate the hair.

Features of use

When used properly, soap, dandruff can disappear in a week. It should be noted that the head is not recommended to wash in hot water, as after it on the hair is a plaque that is pretty hard to wash off.

Lather hair with soap not: it must be pre-lather in hands and apply the resulting foam to the entire length of hair, and then rinse thoroughly with water.

If you adapt to the use of tar soap, and follow the basic rules, in a fairly short period of time you will get the desired effect that is sure you will like it.