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How to wash the henna out of my hair — simple and effective tools and methods

Many women use different coloring hair products. Chemical paint are not always useful for the skin and hair follicles, so many ladies are trying to resort to natural means. Henna is the most viable option for healthy hair coloring. But along with the useful action of henna, often, it is possible to encounter its adverse effect on the hair.

Ways to eliminate the negative effect of dyeing with henna

People's opinions about the possibility of removing traces of paint henna was divided into two polar camps: some (among them many professionals-hairdressers) believe that to completely get rid of henna in a short time is impossible, others believe that regularly using folk remedies, you can get a good result.

All the representatives of the opposing views agree on one thing – the sooner you take action the better. The optimal timing of conducting "war" — the first three days after staining.

No need to rush to extremes and paint the hair by chemical means. The result can be the most unpredictable: red, green, yellow, orange strongest brightness.

Professional products for washing henna

Of course, a good idea to use professional tools for paint removers. There are substances that can be used both in beauty salon and at home. The effects of these drugs may be superficial (does not affect the structure of the hair) and deep.

Hair specialists advise to start a fight with traces of henna from the surface means and of a failure to obtain the desired result, move on to deep clean hair and head skin.

It would be better to use the drugs known reliable companies, such as Estel, Colorianne Brelil, Salerm, Paul Mitche.

In any case, the impact of the funds will depend on many factors:

  • the individual characteristics of the hair structure:
  • the quality of the henna;
  • the time of staining.

Many women who have experienced negative effects of henna, solved the problem by using folk remedies.

Oil mask – aides in the elimination of the consequences of dyeing with henna

The variability of female nature dictates a change of image, use of colors in creating their own image. What to do if the result of dyeing with natural dye is henna, not cause you to have pleasant feelings? How to quickly wash the henna out of my hair?

There are several quite effective ways of dealing with how stubborn after coloring with henna. The largest effect can be obtained by imposing a mask with any natural oil (olive, mineral, vegetable, burdock, castor).

Before you put onthe head oil) on hair need to prepare. To do this, moisten all hair strands semidesyatiletiyu alcohol, especially carefully handling the roots. Alcohol attack within five minutes will help to open the hair scales and to increase the probability of rinsing henna. Can now be applied to the selected hair oil, wear a cap to shower and hold it about half an hour.

To reinforce the action oil mask, it is necessary to heat the head using a hot air dryer; towels or a warm shawl, worn over hats.

To the end to remove the oil part of the head is not so easy. Shampoo for oily hair and acidified water (with vinegar, lemon juice or citric acid) will come to your aid.

Simple masks of food and food components

If the question is about how to wash off henna from hair after application, is still relevant, try a hair mask with food.

The impact of the use of different tools will be much higher if the head with deposited funds will be well wrapped. You can also enhance the effect by putting on the hair mask on top of the plastic bag or plastic cap.

Smetana mask

In the composition of this remedy is nothing but sour cream. Heat sour cream, apply on the scalp and hold for 0.5 hours. Rinse better warm water.

Kefir-yeast mask

A bag of raw yeast and the contents of the bottle of yogurt any fat percentage is very, knead well and leave to swell. If you only have dry yeast, you can use they only to a lesser extent – about 8 g. When the swelling has reached its "apogee, cover the entire head with this paste-like mixture. 2 hours will have to wait before you remove the kefir-yeast attire from the head. If the expected result did not work the first time, repeat the mask daily.

Onion mask

Very easy to prepare because it contains only onion juice, which is derived from several heads. You can simplify your task, getting the onion paste using a blender and applying it instead of juice on his head. This mask may slightly disappoint you that onion a spirit very hard to eliminate. Only shampoo with a strong fragrance will help eliminate the smell of onion from the hair.

As if to wash the henna out of my hair at once does not work? Do not despair and do selected mask several days in a row until you get the expected result.

Tincture of red pepper

Pods of red pepper, infused in vodka or alcohol, has always been a great way to help energize hair follicles. And the problem of removing traces of henna this infusion can also give a good effect.

Only, using this tool, you should be very careful to put it onhead, trying to avoid contact with skin, so as not to cause burns. More than twenty minutes to keep a tincture of red pepper on the head is undesirable. To drown out the brightness from dyeing with henna and slightly change the color of your hair will help mask of coffee.

Coffee mask

More dark, not clearly red shade of your hair after using the mask from soluble or ground coffee. Henna and coffee mix in a proportion of 2:4. Mix well and paint the hair strands so as always you do. After rinsing the reddish hair he'd reduced. Repeat until you disappear completely.

"Washing and rinsing" hair is one of the ways to eliminate traces of henna

Wash off the henna soap

To get rid of some disliked bright red hair color you can use ordinary brown soap. Cover the hair the whole length of the soap layer and wait 5-10 minutes. After the procedure, rinse your hair, you can use a firming balm.

Vinegar bath for hair

A deep bowl or clean bucket, fill vinegar solution (in one liter of heated water evenly spread 3-4 tablespoons of vinegar). The hair is put in the mixture and soak for about 10-15 minutes. If so long in one position to hold his head hard, then just try more often dipping strands of hair into the liquid. Be careful, try to keep a vinegar solution in your eye. In case of accidental contact of the drug with mucous membranes of eyes, mouth, immediately rinse these parts under running water.

After the procedure with rinsing hair in vinegar, rinse them with warm water, saturate using a conditioner or balm and dry in a natural way (in the air with a towel).

The most important advice in carrying out the procedures for washing of henna – not to delay taking action if painting with henna you do not like. The more time separates you from the day of the painting, the harder it will be to "erase" stubborn pigments.