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How often can you dye your hair

Rare girl satisfied with natural hair color. Fortunately, at present this is not the problem, and any lady can easily have the desired shade. In stores and salons offer a huge range of coloring tools, each can choose what suits her hair type and expectations. Consider how often you can color your hair and what resources it is better to use.

Select a tool for painting. Types of paints.

There are several types of coloring tools. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. It is very important to choose what you want to paint the hair. It is from this mainly depends on the end result of the staining, and the appearance and health of hair in General.

When choosing paint for the hair, you should remember that they are divided into two types: with and without ammonia. The first type of paint contains ammonia and hydrogen peroxide and gives reliable staining results. The paint penetrates deep into the hair structure and delivers vibrant color for a long time. Dyeing my hair will have about one every couple of months or even less frequently, depending on growth rates. However, such dyes have a damaging effect on the hair and spoil their structure.

If the paint does not contain ammonia, hence the hair damage much less. As a result of her use of color is also bright and rich, but holds less. The staining procedure is necessary to carry out about once a month. Bleaching powder paint suitable for those who want to brighten their natural color without major changes.

A more gentle method of coloring are colouring means: shampoos, balms and tonics.

Although they contain a smaller amount of hydrogen peroxide, yet too often their use is not necessary. Once every 2-3 weeks would be sufficient. If you ignore this advice and often use them unwisely, you can also damage the hair and applying permanent paint.

But natural colors even benefit the hair. Henna and Basma will help strengthen hair growth, eliminate dandruff and Shine. To give hair a beautiful chestnut color henna and Basma need to mix in equal proportions. If you want to finally get the black color, take Basma twice that of henna. For bronze color of henna need to add a half times more than Basma.

But even these natural dyes should be used in moderation — about twice a month, periodically tinting roots regrown hair. Too often the henna staining scores of the scales of the hair, and as a result, the hair look dull and damaged.

How to avoid frequent colouring of the hair

Immediately after the staining procedure hasfor hair care, using special tools. To avoid the strong contrast between the natural color and hair, it is often necessary to touch up the roots. To reduce the harmful effects of dyes to a minimum, it is recommended to observe the following rules:

  • If possible, do not experiment with radical change of image, and choose the color closest to the natural;
  • Ask the masters how to properly care for your colored hair. Please note the valuable advice of a professional;
  • You can use this trick as multicameraframe. Dyeing multiple colours allows you to avoid a clear boundary between dyed and natural hair;
  • If the roots are a bit grown and the color has faded, you can apply for the combined staining. Color the roots of resistant paint, and the hair is more gentle toning tool.
  • Buy special skin care products for colored hair, they will retain their color and smoothness of hair for long. And moisturize your hair often with conditioners and sprays;
  • Permanent paint can be replaced by shampoo. It costs less, and toning routine you can do at home by yourself;
  • Do not overuse shampoo, as each time the paint will gradually slip away. Better head wash twice or thrice a week;
  • Avoid chlorinated water from the tap, better than before shampooing boil this water. In the pool, don't forget to use rubber hat to protect hair from chlorine.

Useful tips for safe painting

  • Before you apply the dye, be sure to test it on a allergenic effect on the body. How to do it explained in the manual. Only then can you use paint.
  • A few days before painting resistant inks energize hair masks, balms and tinctures.
  • For painting, choose only quality products of proven brands, otherwise the result can be unpredictable, and the process of hair treatment is long and painful.
  • If you decide to change your hair color, it is better not to rely on their own strength, and to seek professional help.
  • Do not apply paint on clean hair. Don't let it be the first day after shampooing to fatty film protected the hair from the harmful effects of dyes.
  • Keep the hair exactly so much time, as specified in the instructions. Otherwise, the deterioration in the quality of the hair provided to you.
  • If possible, use toning conditioners and shampoos and natural dyes to reduce the harm from staining to a minimum.
  • After applying the dye with ammonia noabuse the first time with a straightening iron, Hairdryer, and forget about chemical perms.
  • After coloring hair needs special care. Use only special high-quality shampoos, conditioners, masks for hair. They preserve the color and to care for your hair correctly.

If you decide to change your natural color, remember that the colour result met your expectations, and the hair looked healthy and beautiful, you need to carefully approach the choice of paint, caregivers and abide by the rules of painting.