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What is the back? (Tonic: "the color on the hour)

Experiments with hair color – the weakness of the vast majority of women, however, such experiences often lead to very poor results, which could have been avoided if used as the primary "agent" is not the usual as hair color implies a deep penetration of pigment into the hair, thereby modifying its molecular structure, toner is much more humane. Instead of impregnating the whole hair, it securely holds on its surface, creating a semi-permeable layer of the desired color.

Hair tinting allows you to achieve visible results, but it does not have long-acting. In other words, if the resulting color or tint is something you are not satisfied, you can effortlessly wash off toner from the surface of the hair. Moreover, the effect of such staining disappears by itself on average within a few weeks.

Shade stability depends on the type of tonic, however, that its temporary character and makes it such a popular tool for hair coloring.

As for directly using the tonic, in this respect there are pretty simple instructions. It is first necessary to study the dosage, because its improper observance can lead you not to the result – hair will be too dark or the color will not last as long.

The further procedure is a little different from the usual staining. Treat areas of skin near hair any fat cream – this will help easily flush trapped on the skin tonic, and begin to apply makeup.

As in the case of conventional hair dye, it is necessary to work in gloves – even in the tonic and don't contain excessive chemical substances, it may for a while to stain the skin. The same procedure is required to produce after the hair are washed thoroughly and have not had time to dry. When washing, try not to use various tools for hydrating the hair – they frequently contain oils and fats that will hinder the consolidation of the tonic.

Causing tonic and after waiting the required amount of time, rinse off the excess water and apply mask for hair – this will help the color to stick. However, the mask must not contain any oils, otherwise the effect will be the opposite. Sometimes a suitable mask can be found in the packaging with the tonic, for example, with a toning balm ESTEL".

Hair tinting: the pros and cons

Like any other cosmetic procedure, hair tinting has its own set of positive and negative qualities.

In particular, on the positive side are:

  • The ability to check shade "on itself" without risk to be the ownerhair color is not like in the long term;
  • Toning is a great way to refresh your look for the holiday period or festive events;
  • If you like to constantly change hair color, but also to spoil them if you want – use tonic will help you to find a compromise;
  • Tonic can "without complications" apply on bleached and streaked hair provided that since the highlighting was at least a week. About what is the impact of toner after bleaching, photo of results and feedback, you'll be able to find in the concluding part of this article.

Not without some "cons":

  • You cannot apply a tonic in cases if your hair just had highlights or

    Maria: What I just did with your hair. In recent years, often painted and was fascinated by the coloration. The Barber said that such experiments can be bad for my hair in the future and suggested to try a more gentle method – toning. I was thinking to return to its native color – light blonde, but wanted a more warm, light shade. The procedure was entrusted to the master in the cabin. In the end, that's what happened. The hair was voluminous and had a healthy Shine. Very happy with the result!

    Faith: Wanted to leave the hair in order to bring after numerous experiments with painting and highlighting. In the end, was hoping to get a warm chocolate color. Thanks to the toning turned out! Straight hair – soft and manageable steel. Everyone says I look younger.

    Xenia: After much experimentation with weave decided to give the hair a more uniform color. Hairdresser told toning as the best option. I'm glad that I did: the hair softer, obedient and so much well-groomed.

    Olga: Always prefer to dye your hair, because the paint lasts much longer. One day a friend made a render and I really liked it. Also decided to experiment. Personally, I am very happy with the result. Hair became more uniform and dense. Split ends became much less.

    Laura: Nothing really wanted to do with hair color, I just wanted to make them brighter and add Shine. For these purposes I decided to use tinted hair. Pleased with the result: my hair began to look much better.

    What is the result?

    Today hair colouring is a solution to many problems, and a temporary solution, which in this case is rather an advantage. Hardly the tonic should be considered as a complete meansfor staining, but as a way to diversify your look before an important event, he copes by 100%. Finally, another way to regularly experiment with the hue you simply will not find, in any case, the only way you will be able not only to achieve diversity, but also to maintain the health of their hair.