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Lighten hair lemon. Use, recipes. The before and after photos.

Women striving for beauty and perfection, resort to experiments in their appearance, including the color of the hair. The blonde always had a reputation for being very gentle and lovely creatures, especially popular with men. That is why many people use artificial bleaching various chemical and natural substances. Methods of lightening your hair using lemon known since ancient times. This method not only allows you to change and refresh color of hair, but also has a hugely beneficial effect for the preservation of their health and strengthening structures. Besides, this is the cheapest way of clarification.

Why is lemon good for hair?

Lemon is one of the first lines in the rating of useful products, so it has found wide application in the beauty industry. Lemon is rich in vitamins – first group C, and ascorbic acid, and essential oils that reduce hair loss, nourish and strengthen the structure, allow to fight dandruff, add Shine and give a brightening effect. Lemon can be used as a juice, or as part of masks for hair in the form of essential oil. However, using lemon fresh, it is important to remember that it dries the hair, so you need to use the components of fat – butter, sour cream. It is best to complement the action of lemon

To lighten hair with lemon should lemon juice be applied on unwashed hair for 20 mins and go outside below direct sunlight falling on your head. After the hair is washed in cold water with regular shampoo. A bleaching effect is achieved by the penetration of the hair shaft of citric acid and destruction of the pigment. Lemon is a natural lightener that is gentle on the hair. So do not expect that the lemon juice any brunette would turn into platinum blonde. He is able to lighten 2 shades blonde hair and one tone lighter to do the hair the color of chestnut. For those who have light hair, the effect will be noticeable after 1-2 uses. And for brunettes procedure is repeated at least 3 times. As undiluted lemon juice tends to dry hair, you should use it with caution and not to use it too often – no more than once a week.

In addition it is not necessary to leave the lemon applied on the hair for the night. After the procedure hair needs nutrition masks and balms. Masks are best suited peach hair oil, which moisturizes and nourishes with vitamins. Where to buy this product? Peach oil like any other essential oil you can buy in pharmacies and cosmetics shops. Pricevaries in the various outlets from 23 to 500 rubles.

This method is suitable for brunettes as concentrated lemon juice will help to lighten the hair one or two colors. It is recommended to apply lightening only on healthy hair.

Lightening hair with lemon and vodka

For those with oily hair will love this recipe of lemon solution, which is added to the vodka in the ratio 1:1. This technique allows you to not only lighten hair but also normalizes the sebaceous glands. After applying the mixture, you must head to wrap a towel and leave for 20 minutes. To enhance the effect you can get out in the sun with uncovered head. From the use of this recipe should refrain from those who have damaged, dry and split ends, as a concentrated mixture can dry up the hair. Rinse solution should be cool water to avoid drying out curls. It is not recommended to use lightening lemon on hair that had previously been staining the chemical composition, since the effect can be unpredictable.

Streaking hair with lemon

For highlighting use freshly squeezed lemon juice. Before use the procedure is necessary to release a few strands of hair and completely wet them with lemon, leave the solution for 20 min, then rinse with cold water with shampoo, which will neutralize the effect of citric acid. Application of this method is comparable to salon California highlights with the effect of slightly burned hair in the sun. It is not recommended undiluted juice apply all over the hair, as the effect can be comparable with the influence of chemical clarifier, besides it is possible to burn the scalp. After lightening it is recommended to use a mask, essential oil.

Lightening hair with lemon and honey

For the preparation of recipe you will need the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon and honey mixed in equal proportions. The amount of the mask must be calculated in accordance with the length of the hair. The solution should be applied to wet hair and leave for 10-12 hours. Then wash off the mask with regular shampoo without using the conditioner. The honey will soften the citric acid and further nourishes the hair with vitamins and microelements. The application of this method is recommended for dry hair.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the described methods of lightening hair with the help of the solutions and masks with lemon juice, you can assess the photo before and after. Thus the use of lemon as a brightening substance proves effective. Thanks to the many techniques everyone can choose for themselves the best recipe to match the color and type of hair. Lemon can replacesalon dyeing hair and not only save money, but will allow us to achieve a lightening effect without any harm to hair.