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What color hair fits brown eyes?

Hazel eye color – the most common on our planet. However, brown shades so varied, how diverse, and skin color of their owners. So every brown-eyed woman truly unique. To emphasize her individuality, a woman with brown eyes is very important to carefully approach the choice of hair color given the skin tone.

How to choose the color of hair a woman with brown eyes and dark skin?

It is a combination of the eyes and skin is called the "Mediterranean type". Remember the colorful Greek women, hot Italian girls, passionate Spanish beauties. Best brown-eyed darkie suitable dark tone. But for the selection of color nuances should be conducted to study the colors of their eyes and skin.

As you know, there are four so-called color type: winter, summer, spring and autumn. Among the owners of brown eyes and dark skin, most ZIM is dark eyes with bright white protein, dark hair and skin with a cool bluish tint. Lips often have a purple hue. These bright women will be fit and bright, but not necessarily cool shades:

  • blue-black, plum, eggplant;
  • dark chocolate, chocolate, dark chestnut;
  • Burgund, mahogany, garnet, etc.;

Thinking to take into consideration not only the color but also the length of the hair. The more natural the shade, the longer hair may be in.

Winter complexion with dark skin should avoid any warmer shades of copper, caramel, gold.

The owner of hazel eyes with walnut, graphite tint, dark skin with ashy hue, and dark blonde natural hair, most likely refers to the summer color type. These girls are also suitable cool shades of hair, but less saturated and lighter in tone:

  • milk chocolate, dark graphite
  • brown, medium chestnut
  • pink tree, etc.

Another mix of "brown eyes – brown skin" might look like this: tea or cognac color eyes, olive skin tone, bright brown or dark blonde hair with reddish or Golden tint. It's a warm autumn. Autumn girls when selecting hair color should be guided by the following.

  • hair color from dark brown to light brown;
  • shades of brown, copper and gold;
  • too bright colors should be avoided, it is best to choose muted, calm.

In all cases, an interesting solution would be Ombre color or highlights – this method of dyeing traditionally add volume to the hair, add a charm and subtlety. When you select color to your strands, follow the same principles as when selecting the mainshade: winter, women you can draw bright, strands, summer and autumn prefer a more natural tints.

How to choose hair color for girls with brown eyes and light skin

The combination of brown eyes and fair skin less common, although among the Central European women, nevertheless, quite common.

In this case, it is also necessary to remember about the color types. Often light-skinned brown-eyed girls are for the summer color type, but women and all others as well are not uncommon.

So, brown eyes with a gray tint, pinkish-gray skin tone or skin ivory, natural color hair from dark to light-haired is a noble summer color type. And women this type if hair color should be natural as possible. No redheads, red colors – these colors will give a sickly appearance. It is better to choose cool shades of blonde and chestnut colours: graphite, grey, pinkish-brown. Highlights are also great for brown-eyed summer girls. But, choosing the hue of the locks, keep in mind your natural color, as the summer does not tolerate excessive contrast, i.e. the difference between the main color and the strands should be no more than two colours. And, of course, when choosing colors strands are the same rules as when you select the base color.

Winter color type is brown-eyed women with fair skin is a vamp! Her image is full of drama – deep, dark brown eyes with a perfect icy protein, very light porcelain skin, pale or flushed.

So bright women will suit all shades of black, especially good to be blue-black. Cold shades of dark brown will fit perfectly the image of the femme fatale. You can try and light tones cool ash tones. In any case the colors should be bright, saturated, but not garish – it is the prerogative dark-skinned "ZIM". Highlighting in this case is also not ideal, although some women may come vivid contrast to blue-black and platinum strands. Strictly avoid any red shades – it would look weird and unnatural, also can give the skin an unpleasant shade and simplify the whole image.

An infrequent, but very showy, bright variant is the brown-eyed "autumn". Brown eyes in this case amber, tea, greenish-brown, cognac or dark brown color, skin is very light, warm beige and peach shades, often with freckles, and hair the different variants of red – from copper to gold.

Choosing the hair dye, girls, autumn, and need to pay attention to the various red options, of which producers of paints offer a great variety. This bright redcopper, and more relaxed amber and cognac shades, and, of course, different variants of Golden tones. In framing such hair skin Shine, blemishes very nicely and gently set off, and his eyes will Shine.

Any cool colors you should avoid: graphite, ash, pink color will make the skin sallow, and the freckles on her dirty, or too red. Also, do not color your hair too dark or too light tone.

The brown eyes to dye your hair in bright shades

Girls with fair skin the lighter shadesare definitely a good choice. It can be soft, Golden, amber, honey color. Ash blonde can afford fair-skinned girls of the color type "summer". But still, blonde hair and brown-eyed woman – a controversial option. Of course, there are many examples of successful transformations of the women in brown-eyed blondes, but, nevertheless, before you decide on lighting, the owners of brown eyes is to try on a wig of the desired color, or use the selection program of the image, which the Internet now offers a great variety.

What else should be considered brown-eyed women when choosing a hair color

In addition to the tone and skin tone, choosing hair color, you should consider some factors.

Your natural hair color

To change your basic tone a hair more than 4 shades in one direction or another (i.e. lighten or darken) can only afford the contrast "winter". On a mild summer and autumn girls such drastic changes can look unnatural.

The color of eyebrows and eyelashes, and eye makeup

The difference between the eyebrow color and hair color ideally should not differ by more than 1-2 tones. In the case of black eyebrows definitely should not be painted in bright colors, or have to lighten eyebrows. But better yet, will choose dark shades. If eyebrows are naturally light, and the hair is desired to maintain in the same tone, or paint them. The exception may be the winter fair-skinned girls – they are acceptable with a black eyebrow dye their hair light shades. The eye makeup is not to overdo it, since brown eyes are very bright and noticeable, and too intense makeup will look garish and vulgar.

Face shape, length and structure of hair

As already mentioned, for long hair are more suitable for more natural shades. The same recommendation is valid for wavy and curly hair. Short hair can be colored and brighter, however, if the hair is straight, they are long the option will look good.

It should also be borne in mind that the brown eyes and round face in the case of dark hair will look more advantageous with a short haircut, if the face is elongated, then it is betterto grow hair.

In any case, whatever your color type, before deciding on a radical change of his image, it makes sense to ensure that the chosen color for you. The store will ask the consultant palette and critical approach to the evaluation of their reflections. If you are in doubt, best to postpone the transformation. However, you can try different options of toning. In this case, even when a poor choice to change everything will be easy – toners quickly wash off and the hair will remain undamaged. Because in addition to color and length of hair is of great importance to their health, Shine, silkiness, elasticity. Healthy well-groomed hair, in themselves, good in any colour, and how to choose the color of your brown eyes you already know.