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Pepper tincture for hair growth. How to cook? What is the use?

Many people face such problem as hair loss. The loss of a large amount of hair, and as a result, bald spots, can drive anyone to despair. It is not necessary in this case to panic and rush to extremes by buying the expensive injections, shampoos, masks. To deal effectively with the problem will help simple folk remedy, have-proven – pepper tincture.

Why pepper vodka good for hair?

Experience the mask with pepper vodka to hurry not everyone is faced with the problem of hair loss, as it is believed that the tool affects the scalp too aggressive and there is a strong likelihood that the hair will fall even more. But really – pepper tincture is able with its proper application to truly work wonders. And here's what it involves:

  • The alcohol included in the composition is a great disinfectant, in cosmetics it is often used against hair loss, to strengthen hair, with brittle and dull hair and to combat dandruff;
  • Capsaicin is the active ingredient contained in pepper, which defines the main useful properties of tools. In combination with alcohol, phenolic compound capsaicin is the active irritation of the scalp, resulting in accelerated energy and metabolic processes at the cellular level, there is intense congestion. And this, in turn, enriches the stood in the development of hair follicles with essential nutrients and oxygen;
  • Fatty oils are protective and moisturizing function. If the composition of red pepper was not part of fatty oil, capsaicin simply would have burned strands and scalp. It fat oil protect the hair from the negative drying effects of capsaicin;
  • Essential oils also soften the aggressive influence of alcohol and capsaicin, in addition, they soothe the skin and enhance the reinforcing properties of tincture;
  • Vitamins a, B6, C, each performing its function, in General, enables the hair to become silky, lush, rapidly growing and glowing with health.
  • Mineral elements contained in the tincture – magnesium, iron, in particular, improve the blood circulation of the scalp and moisturize it ( potassium).

It is thanks to this rich biologically active substances composition pepper tincture has on hair follicles is complex, full beneficial effect, restoring not only the growth but also the structure of the hair.

How to cook a pepper tincture?

You can purchase a ready-made tool in the store, and you can cook it in your kitchen that will not be difficult. So, how to make your own pepper vodka: take two pod red hotpepper, wash and chop them and then pour a glass of alcohol, placing the tool in a glass container. To withstand pepper vodka should be within weeks in a cool dark place, and then strain the liquid and dilute one or two liters of water. You can mix the pepper vodka is not water and cosmetic oils, honey, aloe juice, egg yolk or dairy products, which additionally will have a beneficial effect on hair.

Homemade tincture is the most aggressive, but at the same time the most effective.

If you have purchased the pharmacy tincture of pepper, before applying mix it one to one with olive oil is cold pressed.

Balsam tincture – the most gentle, it is usually used at the first stage of treatment. It is very simple: take two tablespoons of red pepper and mix them with four tablespoons of any hair conditioner.

How to apply and apply pepper tincture for hair?

To a result of the use of capsicum tincture was healthy, beautiful, strong hair, not the tips or burned skin should follow some of the recommendations for its use:

  • In order to evaluate the reaction of head skin on the tool and not to harm patients, loose curls, don't use pepper from the alcohol tincture, and choose the more gentle option – balsamic infusion. Apply the mask on dry, dirty hair for fifteen to twenty minutes, wrap your head with polyethylene and towel after wash the hair with shampoo. Stop the procedure immediately, if before the expiration of fifteen minutes the head will begin to burn if the scalp is damaged, contact pepper in the wound may cause a burn or inflammation. If everything is OK, to do this mask you need through the day during the week and then go to the pharmacy tincture.
  • Combined, as described above, pharmaceutical tincture with olive oil applied in the same way as balsam, and the time can increase to half an hour. Apply within two weeks ( twice a week), if the effect you are still not satisfied, continue to the most effective way — homemade tincture.
  • Do not keep homemade tincture too long (not more than half an hour), make sure that the tool does not hit you in the eye. If you feel a strong burning sensation then this remedy is not appropriate, it is better to replace it with another.
  • Avoid damage to the scalp after the procedure, do not abuse cosmetics and styling products.
  • To really feel the result – be sure to observe the regularity when using the tincture.

What are the doctors saying about capsicum tincturehair?

Experiments with pepper vodka for hair can be the result of sad, so it is strongly recommended to adhere to all the rules of its use. In addition, it should not be too long to use the tool, you need to take a break (five weeks for several months) and treatment courses.

Pepper tincture for hair growth are contraindicated for people who have head injuries, open wounds and suffering from any blood diseases, diabetes, hypertension. A clear contraindication tinctures are too dry hair.

Numerous reviews indicate that pepperfront able to cope with the problem of hair loss, even when it is in a critical stage.