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How to do head massage for hair growth, against hair loss

Thick healthy hair is a true adornment of man. Long groomed curls at all times was the standard of beauty. Many believe that to maintain the beauty of hair – a woman's privilege. Perhaps that is why many men with age can boast of excellent noggins. For hair care need for both women and men.

There are several rules that must be followed in order for the hair to grow beautiful and healthy:

  • periodically podavlivaya the ends of the hair
  • don't get carried away with the hair dryer and irons for hair – there is nothing more beautiful natural curls
  • as often as possible, comb your hair,
  • use natural products for daily hair care, try to minimize the use of chemicals,
  • don't neglect hydrating mask,
  • safeguard your hair from the sun
  • eat rationally, take vitamins and drink a day of water at least 2 liters,
  • use sleep mode
  • do head massage.

How to do the head massage

This simple procedure can work wonders! During the massage accelerates the blood circulation of the scalp, the hair enriched with minerals and trace elements, strengthens the roots. This promotes intensive growth of beautiful healthy hair, while men slow down their loss.

Massage is not only useful, but also pleasant. Light stroking of the head with a duration of 3-10 minutes will give you a lot of fun. Movement can be different – rubbing, circular, spiral and linear motion, taps and slaps, light NIPs.

Use such movements as stroking, rubbing, pressing, tapping fingers, pinching and stretching of the skin, various circular and spiral movements. The final stage massage of the cervical and light stroking of the head.

Remember that this procedure should be done one hour before taking a shower. This is due to the fact that during a massage increases the activity of sebaceous glands, causing greasy hair. Within hours after the procedure, the scalp calms down, the secretion of the sebaceous glands returns to normal and the hair thoroughly washed.

Tools to massage the scalp

Massage your scalp you can use special massage tools. The main selection criteria of the massager are: soft touch, natural materials, ease of use. Massagers usually affect the scalp, on the acupuncture points with the projections or spikes. The most simple, cheap and effective device for massage is Murashka antistress.

Gently pushing, start impact from the nape, gradually movingforward. Then come back and repeat the procedure again. The optimum time for this massage for 15-20 minutes. To increase efficiency, you can RUB the scalp essential oil or a special tool for strengthening and growth of hair, bought in the store.

10 effective techniques of scalp massage for hair loss

Massage treatment can be done easily at home using environmentally friendly household products.

Classic massage

Massage start with light strokes to the scalp – this will warm up and prepare it for further exposure. From the area of forehead and temples go to the scalp, making a light massage movements in the direction of hair growth for 5 minutes. Next, start doing a circular motion, gradually increasing the intensity of exposure. You can use any of the massage motion that delivers you pleasure. Completion of the massage will be a gentle caress of the head.

Manual massage of the head

Massage with hands aimed at strengthening blood flow to the hair roots. Left hand with a force push to the left side of head for 4-5 seconds. Then repeat the same with the right hand, nape and forehead. The ease of execution and efficiency makes this massage the most attractive.

Heated towel

This is one of the most accessible types of massage. The towel should be heated on the battery and vigorously RUB the hair and scalp, standing with his head down. At the end of the massage cover the head with warm towel and leave for half an hour. Once a week for massage, use a nourishing oil, which will provide additional nourishment to the hair follicles.

Hair brush

This is the best massage for the hair loss problem. The brush should be made of natural raw materials. First, in a circular motion swipe from the temporal part of the head toward the crown, then to the front and to the back, then the same action is carried out zigzag. Repeat until you feel calm and easy languor.


This is the simplest method of influence on the scalp. To do this, take a comb made of natural material and to begin to comb your hair the classical way. Then, she tilted her head down to do the same against the direction of hair growth. Enough to make about 100 moves.


A few drops of oil of sesame, black pepper or rosemary in circular motions rubbed into the head area. Further, the composition is applied to the junction of the neck and gently rubbed towards the area of the forehead. Rounding out the procedure a light tingling skin with your fingers.


Massage with the use of salt alsois an excellent exfoliation. Salt with a small amount of water for 10 minutes is rubbed into the scalp, then apply a nourishing mask and leave on for half an hour. After the procedure, thoroughly rinse the hair and let them dry without using the dryer.

The separation of the partings

Time to complete – 15 minutes. For this, lifting a strand by strand at a distance of two centimetres from each other, massage the scalp for two minutes.

Light jerking

The massage is carried out with subtle twitching over the strands at the base of the hair. One area of the head must be affected for a few seconds, then move on to the next strand. The procedure should not cause discomfort.

Neck massage

Efficiency of massage increases if you pay attention to not only the head but also the neck. This massage relieves stress, normalizes blood flow, which have a positive impact on the hair. To affect the neck should be maximally easy top down for 3-10 minutes. Movement can be varied – rubbing, pressing, kneading. The main thing is to punctuate them with a light relaxing stroking.

Services head massage in salons

In the salon you will make a truly great massage. In many beauty salons include a scalp massage anti hair loss of hair. Here both women and men will offer a variety of massage techniques, which are difficult to apply at home. Hardware massage, exotic masks, the impact of stones and more. The trip to the salon will not only strengthen hair, but also to have fun.

Head massage is an effective treatment for hair growth. Regularly massaging the scalp, taking care of their curls, you will definitely get great results and you will impress others beautiful thick hair.