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How much should hair fall per day? What are the rules when washing?

Hair loss is a natural process that is familiar to everyone. Curls are constantly updated, that is, every day fall out of the hairs that grow new. The problem of hair loss should worry when the natural ratio of hair is broken. That is, in place of fallen hair, new — not growing, it means that the follicle has passed to sleep (locked). Strands are thinning, receding hairline appear. What is the reason? And how much hair should fall out? This is the frequently asked questions that concern every. We will investigate.

The causes of hair loss

  1. Internal factors:
  • Regular medications (birth control, antidepressants).
  • Hormonal disturbance. This is the main reason hair may fall out – a surplus of testosterone in the blood.
  • Not nutrition, which leads to the deficiency of minerals and vitamins.
  • Pregnancy, childbirth and breast-feeding. This is a temporary phenomenon, so the body gradually returns to normal.
    1. External factors:
  • Poor environment, which affects the condition of curls.
  • Abuse of chemical treatments and regular staining.
  • Low-quality cosmetics for hair styling, regular use of hair dryer and other heating devices are bad for the hair structure.
  • It is not necessary to braid it tight curls, this condition triggers loss of hair. Do not experiment with your hair, they don't like.
  • Head trauma, which can cause poor circulation. Because of this, in the cells of the scalp are poorly supplied with oxygen and nutrients, thus begins the hair loss.

Hair loss is not only a natural process, and an indicator of the internal state of the organism. Since the cells of the scalp are the first to react to the disruption of the entire body and lack of nutrients. Therefore, the loss of hair should not neglect and ignore the problem too. It is necessary to find and eliminate the cause of this process.

The majority of people starts to pay attention to the problem of hair loss when there are obvious signs of baldness, that is at the peak of progression.

Consider the basic symptoms of the problem:

  1. During shampooing notice a large number of hair – the main symptom of the problem.
  2. Loss during sleep.
  3. Hair loss during combing. At the time of the procedure brushing is to stimulate the hair follicle and scalp. Pay attention to the comb after combing the hair. If the number of fallen hairs large (that is, is the daily rate), it is reason to panic.

The daily rate of hair lossincludes about 100 hairs. You need to keep in mind that hair loss occurs throughout the day. If you count the fallen hair during combing, shampooing and the sum is more than the norm, then this is an alarming signal to which to respond. The rate of hair loss in women and men is almost identical. Therefore, the earlier you identify the problem and begin treatment, the more chances to preserve the hair.

How many hair should fall per day for men and women?

You need to consider the fact that the number of fallen hair a day can sometimes depend on the natural pigment. Those who have natural dark hair color, hair loss occurs less than natural blondes. Since the dark hair is much thicker, more elastic and thicker, the number of which may be approximately 100 thousand. Blonde curls thinner, but the number is much more. Therefore, dark hair the rate of loss per day in women ranges from 60 to 80 pieces, from blondes to 150 pieces. Judging from the statistics, do not panic, because this is a natural process. A day for men falls from 60 to 120 hairs, noting this process is quite difficult since the hair is very small.

How much should hair fall per day? What are the rules?

We have already established that the norm is about 100 hairs, but keep in mind that the hair never fall no bulbs. If lost hair is not a bulb, sound an alarm. This is an indication that the hair began to break down. The reason for the breakage can be: improper brushing, tight hairstyles, thermal stresses and Curling.

We will count the number of hairs that fall out during the day. To carry out this procedure at home. Let's start.

  1. For the procedure head do not wash for several days.
  2. On the third or fourth day is generally considered loss.
  3. Look at the pillow and the bed after sleep, comb your hair, wash the head. All lost hair count. The sum of these numbers is normal hair loss per day.

If the amount of hair higher than normal, you should pay attention to the problem. To identify the causes of should definitely consult a doctor-trichologist.

What advice doctors give?

  1. Find the cause and prescribe a course of treatment. Treatment may be medicines, vitamins.
  2. Can also be offered by hardware cosmetology. These procedures may include the following procedures: vacuum massage, current therapy, electrophoresis, laser therapy.
  3. The doctor will advise you how to choose the right tool for combing the strands.
  4. The doctor will tell you how to comb the hair not to pull out hairs, and during the procedure to provide a gentle massage.
  5. Shampooing is also important procedure. Trichologists recommenduse only professional cosmetic products. The doctor will tell you how to wash and dry the head.
  6. The specialist will give advice on nutrition.

In a month, based on statistics, the number of lost hair should be about 9%. Each person the problem of hair loss varies not only from, but also from health. If your hair falls out heavily, you should contact the experts and begin timely treatment.