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How the woman get rid of facial hair?

The appearance of excess hair on the face is a very unpleasant problem for women of any age. Most often, unwanted hair on the face appear in women on the lips, less often on the chin, even more rarely in the cheeks. The reasons may be different: most often this reaction is caused by hormone disorder or hormonal medications, often unnecessary facial hair appears during pregnancy or early menopause.

In any case, if you encounter this kind of problem, you must first seek the advice of a gynecologist, and then to apply the methods of hair removal.

It is not recommended to remove the excess hair on the face of their own, because any mistake can permanently leave a mark in plain sight. It is better to seek help for professional cosmetologists and dermatologists.

Hair removal method waxing (sugar (sugaring))

In beauty salons now there are many different hair removal methods, including on the face. The most affordable, but the painful procedure for waxing or sugar (sugaring). The result after these procedures usually lasts for 3 weeks, some ladies effect lasts up to 6 weeks.

One of the most effective remedies that will help to remove the hair is Rivanol. More in detail we wrote about it in the article:

More expensive is electrolysis. During this procedure, the effects of weak current into each hair follicle, causing it to be destroyed. But to get rid of unwanted hairs permanently, you need to do a few sessions of electrolysis. Depending on the density of hair for their removal on the upper lip may need 8-10 sessions, and the chin will require at least 15 visits to a specialist.

Expensive but qualitative method — laser hair removal face

The most expensive but the most reliable method of hair removal — laser hair removal. In this procedure a special device that emits a short beam of light, forcing to halt the growth of new hair. For removal of unwanted hair in one area may require 3 to 6 sessions. But the reappearance of hair can be observed, in contrast to other procedures only after 3-6 months, and some give the effect of the procedure persists even several years.