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How to prepare your hair for winter?

Every winter, my hair, and with them, and I suffer from lack of vitamins, strong winds and frosts and the dry air in buildings and transport. This year I decided to prepare for this period in advance as much as possible to reduce the reaction of my hair on the external environment. I would like to know how to most effectively help your hair to deal with in the winter? Maybe there are special remedies, vitamins?
Author: LA

Of course, for the hair in winter is indeed a challenge, but the harmful effects on hair can be reduced significantly if you follow some simple rules. First rule – you need to eat right. Remember: healthy hair, skin and nails, as well as the whole organism depends on what you eat. If you feel consumed with food nutrients is not enough hair breaks and split ends, nails become brittle, skin is dry) – it is necessary to take vitamin complexes designed specifically for the hair (or hair, skin and nails). Kinds of vitamins for hair, list of the most effective and popular tools and the feedback you will find in the Vitamins section.

To prevent dryness of hair in winter it is recommended to use balms or conditioners after washing hair. It is important to expose the hair, especially the roots, and prolonged hypothermia, wear a hat in the cold season it is important for the health of not only the body but also the hair.