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How often can I wash my hair?

Good afternoon. Please tell me how often you can wash your hair and what is the impact on hair tap water?
Author: Margo86

Hello! The optimal frequency of hair washing – this is purely individual for each person, depending on many factors, including hair type, occupation, environment, climate etc. However, there are some recommendations of dermatologists, which should adhere to. The main of them – it is important to wash your hair as hair contamination. A more detailed answer to your question you will find in this article.

As for the impact of tap water on your hair – again, it all depends on the quality and composition of water.

Usually each person immediately feels the quality of water as your skin and hair after taking a shower or bath, for example, if your hair was hard to the touch, and the skin on the body dry so the water hard and very frequent shampooing can lead to brittleness and fragility of hair. And Vice versa – if you have no sensation of dryness and discomfort after taking a shower or bath so the water quality is good and its negative impact on hair, its use has not.