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If little burdock for greasy hair?

A classmate told me that regularly uses burdock oil for hair and can't get enough – says that the hair as if alive! I also want to try, but the fact that I have oily hair type. Can it happen that the hair will be more quickly becomes greasy after applying the oil mask?
Author: Daria

Burdock oil is the leader among the means to improve the condition of hair and accelerate their growth with ease of use and versatility – it can be used for any type of hair. However, there are some subtleties: for example, for oily hair is better to make a solution of mixture of burdock oil, grape seed oil and lemon oil or lemon juice. This composition, in addition to the saturate the hair with nutrients, to preserve the freshness of your hair and to get rid of greasy after applying the mask. Of course, you need to apply shampoo and lather the head after the mask several times until, until you feel that the mixture is completely washed away.

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