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Vitamins for hair ampoules — effect from treatment, use and review of the best

Vitamins in capsules is a popular product, which you can hear a lot of rave reviews. Every day the shelves of pharmacies filled up with new vehicles from various manufacturers. What is included in these miracle capsules and how to use them correctly?

attention The list of the best vitamins to help hair loss to read the article:

This is one of the most common vitamins in ampoules. They can even be used for beauty and health of hair. Composition: thiamine(B1), pyridoxine (B6) and lidocaine cyanocobalamin (B12), sodium, potassium, water .

To purchase vials of Combilipen can be in almost any drugstore for a very affordable price. Perhaps of all the complexes this is the budget.

Cannot be used in pure form, ampoules combilipen added to the shampoo, mask and treatment oil. They prevent hair loss, regenerate damage, and return the Shine. Part of the complex of lidocaine dilates blood vessels and promotes better penetration of nutrients into the hair and scalp.

Dikson Polipant

The integrated product, that combines therapeutic and cosmetic properties. Used in its pure form. One pack of ampoules is enough to treat minor hair loss.


  • Vitamins
  • Pepper
  • Nettle extract
  • Placental extract
  • Nutrients
  • Rice protein complex

Cosmetics Dixon refers to professional care for hair. Made in Italy. But its price is doubtful if the complex actually so many nutrients, the cost is clearly too low.

The manufacturer promises fast and effective recovery, boosting growth of hair, elimination of dandruff, the stem seal. Also the complex is struggling with the porosity of the hair structure and its fragility. Numerous positive feedbacks confirm the effectiveness of these vials.

Dercos Vichy

Ampoules for hair from Vichy positioned as a powerful tool in the fight against alopecia, dandruff and other hair problems. Their cost is several times higher than the previous tools. But the result promises to be stunning. What is included in the ampoules?


  • Vitamins
  • Steamoxygen
  • Thermal water
  • Arginine
  • Was aminexil

Often the ampoules from Vichy called activators growth. Judging by the customer feedback after their application hair grow up to 4 cm in a month.

After the vials of the hair becomes thicker, healthier and appear shiny. The drug has a pleasant herbal flavor, light texture and well distributed. But the main advantage – ease of use.The product does not require rinsing. When applied in the evening, with morning hair fresh and clean, not greasy and voluminous. One ampoule is enough for a generous coating of the scalp. Opened packaging should not be stored as it loses its properties.

The composition of vitamins in capsules

If your hair is weak, damaged and has split ends, you can restore and return the Shine, you can use ordinary drugstore vitamins. And eliminate seborrhea and alopecia it is better to use special medicated complexes with active ingredients.

The composition of the vitamin complexes are very diverse, depends on the problem and the desired result. Before buying it is desirable to find a composition.

What components may be present in the ampoules:

  • Vitamins
  • Proteins
  • Collagen
  • Oil
  • Keratin
  • Plant extracts, seaweed, roots
  • Extracts of animal placenta
  • Amino acids

This is not the whole list. Each manufacturer creates its own therapeutic cocktail for health and beauty of curls. And not always the quality, price and composition proportional to each other.

How to use vitamins for hair ampoules

Treatment hair vitamins from vials involves the proper use of it. And if the finished complexes all clear (instructions included) what to do with a one-piece vials purchased at a pharmacy?

What you need to know before you start to use:

  1. Do not put vitamins in its pure form, it can cause the most unexpected reaction.
  2. To prepare funds with the vitamins you need just for one application, how long to store the compositions is not necessary.
  3. If you have a tendency to allergies, it is advisable to test the tool before apply to the skin or hair.

Also, do not store the opened vial, even if there is still a lot of money. Packaging is designed for one-time use and some of the ingredients under the influence of oxygen deteriorate.

Mixing vitamins

What vitamins to use for hair and how to mix? Quite often you can find the information that you cannot use some vitamins from group B. In fact it is not. Do not mix intravenous. And for external use you can mix up all the vitamins in capsules, they are the right combination depends on the needs of the hair.

  • Vitamin A. Helps to restore dry and brittle hair will regain their youthful glow.
  • Vitamin E. Perfect for dry hair and in combination with vitamin a can work wonders.
  • Vitamin D. Cope with dandruff and helps the absorption of other substances.
  • Vitamin B12 ampoules. Helps to cope with porosity, brittle hair anddandruff.
  • B9. Cope with early gray and will retain the pigment.
  • The vitamin B6 in ampoules. Promotes oxygen to the hair follicles.
  • PP. Opposed to hair loss.
  • Vitamin C. a Source of strength, health and Shine to hair.

Vitamins A, E, b and C – sources of beauty and health of hair. They can be safely added to all beauty products, if you are not allergic.

Not all vitamins are always in pharmacies. So if you are not able to purchase everything at once, do not be upset and you can start to use what you have.

Vitamins in shampoo

The most common way to use vitamins for hair ampoules in a shampoo. You need the capacity to pour shampoo on 2 applications, add an ampoule of vitamins B1, B6, B12 and E. All thoroughly and wash the hair. The first time you need to lather once and rinse, thereby removing the dirt from hair. Second time need to massage the scalp, leave the shampoo a few minutes and then wash off. It is better if the shampoo is organic, without harsh detergent components.

Enriched mask

Vitamins in capsules can be added to the mask. Such use gives the best result, as the mask longer hold on the hair and nutrients to penetrate deeper. They can be homemade or factory. Instead of a mask you can use hair conditioner. Added to the Cost of vitamins in the vials depends on the composition and the manufacturer. The price for simple one-component vitamins in pharmacies of Moscow from 15 to 50 rubles per pack of 10 ampoules. Complex vitamins, supplemented with plant extracts and oils can be purchased at a price of 180 rubles per 10 ampoules. And medical ampoules, which include unique components (e.g., extracts of animal placenta) can cost several thousand.

Vitamins in capsules – a great tool for hair restoration, treatment and elimination of many problems. You can use the purchase complexes or to prepare medicinal agents. The positive effect is bound to be and your hair will be beautiful, healthy and shiny.