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B vitamins for hair

Correct hair care is based on the enrichment of their nutrients, primarily vitamins. This problem is faced mainly during winter because in this period, the body, including the hair and nails, weakened and require vitamin nourishment.

Of available vitamins the most necessary vitamins of group B. the Main ones are B1, B6 and B12. The presence of these chemicals at full strength is reflected in the condition of the hair: they are durable, soft, supple and smooth, grow bright. B vitamins can not only strengthen the hair but also take care of the scalp.

Vitamins of group B

B1 (thiamine)

This vitamin is needed by the body for normal metabolism. He is responsible for the production of vitality and energy. With a shortage of this vitamin the hair do not grow, become lifeless and brittle, fade. For normal life you need every day to take 1.5 mg of vitamin B1, found in meat, brewer's yeast, legumes, and liver.

B2 (Riboflavin)

Hair due to vitamin B2 look healthy. With its lack in the body, the hair ends become dry and the roots greasy. Necessary to support the content of this vitamin in the body because it is quickly consumed. Vitamin B2 is found in eggs, meat, milk, bread, liver.

B3 (nicotinic acid)

This vitamin is responsible for the intense color of hair, being the basis of their pigments. Deficiency of nicotinic acid can cause slower hair growth, premature graying of hair. To replenish vitamin B3 can, eating peanuts, liver, brewer's yeast, grains, fish and beef.

B5 (Pantothenic acid)

Everyone knows that for normal work of organs they need oxygen. Pantothenic acid is responsible for increasing penetration into the scalp of oxygen and strengthen hair roots. This vitamin is contained in peanuts, bran, egg yolks, broccoli, liver, grain, beer yeast, chicken meat.

B6 (pyridoxine)

This vitamin is responsible for the health of the scalp, prevents dandruff, itching and dryness. Pyridoxine is rich in the following foods: kidney, pork, nuts, vegetables, grains, fish, chicken, bananas, potatoes. Lack of B6 can lead to baldness. It prevents the appearance of dandruff, loss of hair, nourishing the scalp and leaving hair silky and flowing. Also responsible for beautiful and smooth hair structure.

B12 (cyanocobalamin)

Vitamin B12 is one of the main vitamins in the human body responsible for regeneration, division and the emergence of healthy new cells. These processes are important for the growth of nails and hair. B12 allows to make the hairbeautiful and healthy. Deficiency of cyanocobalamin may lead to skin irritation, the appearance of severe itching and dryness of the strands. Very carefully to take vitamin B12, because of its excessive number of possible vitamin deficiencies. In a large amount of B12 found in many foods, but only of animal origin: oysters, milk, meat, marine products. You should know that the daily intake of this vitamin should not be more than 2 mg. This quantity is enough for cell renewal in a natural way.

For best result you need to take all the useful minerals and substances. This also applies to vitamins. For the beauty of the strands it is necessary to take vitamins B5, B6 and B12.

Many trace elements are contained in the same products, so a careful study is fashionable to draw a conclusion about what the products have to be constantly on the table.

Vitamins of group B: application

It is rather difficult to obtain in the day value of vitamins of group b, because in the modern rhythm of life most people food is not always useful and balanced. But the lack of these vitamins can adversely affect appearance, health and the entire body.

Great role playing and vitamins for hair health, beauty and "obedience". And the hair the necessary full range of different vitamins.

Currently, almost every pharmacy you can find liquid vitamins, various vitamin complexes, which are added to shampoos or used as components of vitamin masks. Also there are vitamin complexes, which are taken orally before bedtime. They not only allow you to improve the health and appearance of hair, but also calm the nervous system, which also affects the condition of the hair.

  • Shampoo. Vitamin Supplement shampoo is made with b vitamins for hair ampoules (B1, B12 and B6) and ampoules of vitamin E. the Contents of all vials were mixed and added to the shampoo. First time head soap and immediately wash off with water, leave for 5 minutes on hair, then hair washed.
  • Mask. Mask with liquid vitamins allow you to restore the health and beauty of hair. To do this, liquid vitamins are added to oil-based (olive, burdock or castor).
  • To enhance the effect of the use of vitamins, you can add essential oils. The oils are mixed, heated in a water bath and added vitamins. The mixture is well mixed and rubbed into the hair roots with the distribution in the entire length. The hair is then removed under a hat and wrapped a thick towel. The mask lasts about an hour, then rinse.

Vitamins of group B inampoules

The basis of the vitamin ampoules, in many cases, are the following: keratin, collagen, vitamins and proteins. As a rule, their composition may vary depending on the manufacturer.

Components available in ampoules that can restore the natural balance in the cells of the scalp, moisturize dry hair and eliminate the greasy Shine. Keratin affects split ends, eliminates cracks in the cuticle and smoothes the structure. Collagen, penetrating into the voids and heals the hair, giving it strength. Thanks to the plant additives, the hair becomes soft and silky. In the end of the volume curls appear, they are easily amenable to combing and styling.

Often due to stress, hormonal events, diet, pregnancy, fasting, or malnutrition, the hair begins to fall out. In such cases, you can also use vitamin complexes. The composition of the ampoules includes the complete complex of b vitamins, and more precisely B1, B5, Biotin, PP, B6. The effect of vitamins helps to normalize the condition of the scalp and sebaceous glands.

Before use a vial should be well shaken. The contents apply to clean scalp in the partings, then the skin is gently massaged for three minutes. Vitamins do not need to rinse.

Of course, the ampoules can also be used with shampoo and masks.

Feedback about the use of vitamin complexes

Anna, 28 years

We all know that most girls are obsessed with hair: everyone wants to have thick, healthy and long hair. However, not everyone knows how to do it right. Talk about the vitamins in the oil solutions (A and E) and in vials (B1, B12, B1, nicotinic acid). Often the girls, having read receptors on the Internet and looking at beautiful hair in the pictures, I hasten to the pharmacy and buy everything. And after returning home, start to mix all purchased, adding shampoo, conditioner, eggs, masks, cognac, mustard, and pepper vodka. But not all guess to look at the manual.

For example, there is a lot of feedback on the usefulness of hair vitamins of group B. Yes, it is. Many girls buy all the b vitamins and CIP add them to conditioners, shampoos, masks. However, we must remember that vitamins is not only benefit.

The B vitamins really impossible to mix, because B6 slows the absorption of B1, increasing allergic reactions, and B12 precipitates. In addition, some vitamins can lose their function when interacting with each other: for example, B1 cannot be combined with B12 in a single day. Do not know how these vitamins while in the bottle of shampoo with any other chemical substances.

Vitamins in capsulesapply immediately after opening, since they cannot be stored open. As a rule, they are stored in a dark cool place. If using vitamins it is better to choose one and use it. Great benefit can be obtained with the use of b vitamins from food.

For myself, I chose the following solution: after the haircut, when I want to return the length of the hair, I use nicotinic acid. However, it is also not to be carried away. I use it for ten days after shearing, to the night one vial. Do not think that this is not enough. All the ampoules themselves not to be empty. Hair cut once a quarter, they grow quickly, live and well maintained.

So do not hurry to buy all the shelves of the pharmacy. Should always check the manual to test the vitamins on a small area of skin because if the skin of the head turn red or swell, in the morning you can Wake up without hair.

We are all different: that is great your friend may not suit you. You need to remember that.

Regina,25 years

My hair is simply gorgeous and all because I applied nicotinic acid. However have a bad experience adding it to a shampoo of vitamins. Not advised, better safe. I have medical training and are horrified when combine the incompatible vitamins. Itself use aevitum, adding it in olive oil for ends, and in burdock for the roots. The result is stunning. There are such as of the drug milgamma, where there are all vitamins and not harmful, because there is a different dosage.

Lyudmila, 41

Bought vitamins E, A, e and all vitamins of group B. Use of shampoo, masks and scrub. However, after rinsing the hair a bit stiff, so it is impossible to do without air conditioning. However, just over a month they had almost ceased to fall – to on the pillow remained patches of hair.

Alina, 34 years

Vitamins are very useful and essential not only for hair but for body. So I always try to enrich our bodies your cosmetics and food. I tried many ways to use vitamins, have been and error, and luck. You can read on the Internet many recommendations for enrichment funds for the care of hair. Believe me, it is of great help. Hair — just lovely, soft, silky, and grow fast.