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Adjust your schedule for auspicious days for cutting hair

Hair women carry a strong energy. In Russia didn't wear them loose, as they had the ability to attract negative thoughts, but dissolved before her husband, as they protected him from evil forces.

Why astrologers is strictly forbidden to cut their hair in the prohibited days?

Hair reflects the health and mood of their owner: shiny and pleasing to the eye in the happiest moments of life, and falling out during severe stress. Any manipulation of the hair may lead to changes in the biofield, which affects physical health, relationships with others, mental state. It is therefore important that you cut the hairdresser that makes you sympathetic. And it is equally important that you changed the image in the correct phase of the moon. The moon affects all living things, including man and his hair.

From the day in which a haircut may depend not only hair health, but also wellbeing and mental balance. Therefore, for hair care, you should choose a favourable or neutral days.

Cutting hair, the woman gets rid of negativity, opens up to the fresh tide of cosmic energy that can contribute to the fulfilment of her desires, or, conversely, to spoil her plans. That is, you must know when to cut hair and when not to do so.

You cannot get a haircut in the days:

  • when there is an Eclipse of the Sun or of the moon to weak, brittle hair;
  • in the 9th, 15th, 29th lunar days – unfavorable;
  • when the Moon is in water signs of the zodiac (the constellation of Pisces or Cancer) – for dandruff, illnesses, and hair loss.

And another thing: you should not cut yourself! This only leads to accumulation of negative energy.

Auspicious days for cutting hair

Human life is organized by days of the week. We will understand which of them are the days that are favorable for cutting hair:

  • Monday is under the patronage of the moon. To change this day my hair is those people who want to say goodbye to all the bad in my life: depression, stress, negative feelings.
  • Tuesday is the day the warlike Mars. If you want to get rid of the routine of life and get into the world of bright emotions, but also ready for active lifestyles – feel free to change the image.
  • The environment is dominated by mercury. Visit to the hairdresser in the third day of the week helps to establish contact with others, emergence of new interesting acquaintances. Also, haircut or hair coloring Wednesday portends health and harmony in the soul.
  • Thursday – under the rule of the mighty Jupiter. Caring for hair will promote financial success, you will attract good luck.
  • Friday – day of Venus. VisitBarber is recommended for those who want to become more attractive. Those who are appearance completely satisfied, should refrain on this day from hairdressing, to the effect was the opposite.
  • Saturday – under the influence of Saturn. Improved health, financial stability.
  • Sunday – under the dominion of the Sun. Haircut on this day is undesirable as it can lead to troubles and diseases.

It should be clarified that haircut on Sunday in Christianity is a sin.

It is better to postpone a haircut scheduled for Sunday. A visit to the hairdresser on Thursday or the 11th lunar day will bring you happiness and health.

In the lunar calendar is favourable, neutral and unfavourable days for a change of hairstyle.

To determine when is the best time to cut hair, follow this scheme:

  • 5th lunar day is favorable for haircuts, portends a financial profit;
  • 8-th and 19-th lunar days are recommended to visit the Barber, and promised the girls the attention of a male and happiness in love;
  • the best option for a change of image – the 11th lunar day: you will not only get rid of negative energy, but also help to strengthen your intuition;
  • 13th,14th, 21st, and 23rd days promise financial success, and the 13th and 14th further promise happiness in his personal life, and the 21st and 23rd – emotional balance and attractiveness.
  • On the 22nd day recommended for haircuts for those who want to lose weight;
  • 26th, 27th, 28 th lunar month – a good day for hair coloring or haircuts, as your efforts will be rewarded by the admiration of others.

When to cut hair the best?

Going to visit a hairdresser, you should look into the lunar calendar. After the haircut, done in new moon and in the growth period of the moon, hair a long time keep their shape and look thicker. And during the waning moon, the hair cut you might be disappointed: the hair often become brittle and tangles easily.

In the period of waxing moon hair grow faster, and the majority of women trying to visit the hairdresser in this period. If you want to keep a new hairstyle, go to the hairdresser on the waning moon. Although the hair will grow slowly, they are less likely to fall out. Men are also advised to get a haircut in this phase of the moon.

Also a good haircut will work, in those days, when the Moon is in Leo, Taurus, Virgo, Libra and Capricorn.

For accelerated hair growth trim them during the waxing moon. In case, if you want to preserve your stylish short cut, go to the groomer in a period of decreasing this night beauties.

Usually women decide to radically change yourimage in important, crucial moments or decided to get rid of something negative in your life. Due to the strong energy of the hair, it is necessary to take a cautious approach to their haircut. Following the lunar cycle will allow you to choose the best time to visit the Barber and be always on top!

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