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Is it possible during pregnancy to dye your hair?

The modern pace of life dictates to the woman strict rules by which she must always look well-groomed and attractive. The actual problem is that it is safe hair coloring during pregnancy, will always excite the women.

Why can't you dye your hair pregnant women?

At all times to pregnant women has always been a special relationship in society. Since ancient times, was developed some rules to be followed. pregnant wanting to safely give birth to a healthy baby. In our days some of the old recommendations have deep significance. If to believe national signs, the pregnant woman is not allowed to dye your hair during pregnancy, it is best to abandon this procedure altogether.

Important! Before you make any conclusion, a pregnant woman should consult an obstetrician gynecologist in order to make the right decision and to avoid the possible consequences of hair coloring during pregnancy.

In particular, there are the most well-known omens and superstitions associated with magic hair:

  • the ancients believed that hair lies the vital energy of a woman. Dye your hair for pregnant actually means to disrupt their structure, and to lose health and vitality;
  • according to Christian tradition, a pregnant woman should focus on nurturing the unborn baby. To use makeup, paint hair, eyes, lips meant to attract the attention of supernatural forces that could have a negative impact unfavorable pregnancy outcome.

Believe it or not national signs, this is a purely personal point of view. Following the recommendations of a gynaecologist, a pregnant woman will not harm your body if you belong to the national signs from the perspective of a reasonable person.

The opinion of doctors about coloring your hair during pregnancy

During gestation the female body adapts to the fruit inside was able to get all the necessary nutrients. It is no secret that hormonal changes occurring at this time, not the best way affect the appearance of a pregnant woman. Experiencing constant stress and turmoil, the pregnant body becomes more susceptible to a variety of external aggressive influence.

Meanwhile in the uterus at this time begins to ripen the fruit. The first three months are the most responsible stage of its development. At this time the unborn child is formed by heart, the spine, formed vision and hearing. Urgent question about can pregnant women dye their hair is especially important in the first months of fetal development. During this period, for medical reasons it is not recommended to produce hair.To adhere to this strict rule to the beginning of the second trimester.

If you neglect the recommendations of doctors, we should expect the following negative consequences:

  • paint can contain toxic gidroksimetil, aminophenol, ammonia, and peroxide. Inhaling these chemicals during the hair coloring, the pregnant woman risks the health of the unborn baby, because these substances can cause disorders of its development;
  • the hormonal changes in the body affect the appearance of the pregnant woman. Against this background, after dyeing the hair can purchase is not the color that was originally planned;
  • a pregnant body is very sensitive to corrosive toxic substances. For staining he might react unexpectedly, for example, may experience severe allergic reaction which are a threat to the life and health of the expectant mother and child.

Important ! It is known that at this time there is no scientifically proven evidence that dyeing the hair during pregnancy is harmful and dangerous for health. If you carry out this procedure properly, use a soft color formulations that do not contain toxic substances, then perhaps there are no consequences for the health of the pregnant woman and the unborn child will not.

At the moment, not all experts with medical entities believe that it is possible for pregnant women to dye your hair, the main argument for this is the content of chemical substances in virtually any hair dyes which would be safe from the point of view of its producers it was. Meanwhile, some doctors believe that hair dye is not prohibited for pregnant women because it does not cause any negative consequences for women and children.

It is established that the fetus is inside the uterus, like armor, protects the placenta, which prevents the penetration through its thickness toxic substances, even if they were in a pregnant body. Nevertheless, most experts recommend that adhere to the recommendations and carry out safe hair coloring.

Some tips for safe painting

In order to protect your body from the negative effects of dyes, pregnant needs to know exactly in what period of pregnancy the most safe hair coloring. During pregnancy, the coloring is better to wait until 12 weeks in order to minimize its negative impact on the body.

In addition, doctors are advised to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • during pregnancy, preference should be given less resistant paints containing organic ingredients;
  • at the time of staining, ventilate the area to toxic substances fasterleft the cave and pregnant did not have time to breathe in their vapors.
  • it is not necessary to overdo the paint on the hair more than the recommended time in order to avoid their negative impact on pregnancy weakened hair;
  • better during pregnancy to dye your hair in tone with its natural shade. Radical repainting it is better to move for a few months.

Important! If staining can not do, pregnant women should follow the procedure for safe hair coloring, observing all precautions.

In addition to chemical dyes, there are more traditional ways of hair coloring, in which you can give your hair the coveted bronze or Golden hue. Hair pregnant women can dye with henna and Basma, if you mix these two substances in the same amount of hot water. The prepared mixture should be applied on head for an hour and then wash off. Beautiful shade of hair can be given with a decoction of onion peel. Enough to rinse hair decoction of onion in order that they purchased a beautiful red color.

Give your hair a dark brown tone with a custom welding for tea. To achieve a more lasting effect leaves should pour boiling water, leave for about an hour, and then rinse it with broth hair. A beautiful Golden hue to the hair gives a mixture of field infusion of chamomile and henna.

Natural dye concoctions, there is only one drawback. The procedure must be repeated each time after shampooing, because this painting has a short-term effect.

The realization that a woman looks attractive, is beneficial to her health during pregnancy. So nothing wrong in what she wants to dye her hair, no. If the painting has been done correctly and all recommendations complied with, the hair coloring will not harm the woman and her future baby.