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Vitamins Perfectil

Healthy skin and hair primarily depends on the intake of necessary substances. To solve the problem of scarcity will help

After our third child was born I began to have severe hair loss, which alone could not cope. A year later I went to the doctor trichologist, and I was diagnosed with Diffuse alopecia. Suggested stress origin, because in my life there were many difficult turns. Was appointed sedatives and vitamins. Reading the reviews of the Perfectil vitamins Tricologic, I chose them and I was right. In the photo the result of 14 months of treatment.

Yana, 28 years

Vitamins Perfectil after a bad Perm. Also did the keratin straightening. No, I do not advise, just went to the pharmacy and purchased. Prior to this, on some website I read positive reviews Perfectil, and that the name stored in memory. Now my hair is in perfect condition.

Valeria, 20 years old:

Vitamins may be good, but I was never able to make friends with them. I was constantly sick stomach. Cut to a week. Tried and with dinner to drink, still in my stomach felt the heaviness and discomfort. Bought another set and everything is fine. Maybe someone they fit, but just not for me. Waste of money and mocked the stomach.

Olesya, 30 years:

Perfectil is the best vitamins, what they can be. Saw Perfectil Plus in order to get rid of dry hair, as external funds are not helped and had each month to cut off the ends. The difference between the photos about 5 months. During this time I completely cut off all cross-sections and even slightly grew in length. Saw rates at 28 days and 2 weeks to take a break. Side effect: gone are the pimples on the face and the nails are very durable, such manicure, as of now, I have never had.

Alina, 35 years:

A good vitamins, hair stopped falling out. It seems that even become a little thicker. But I combined them with a reinforced outer nutrition, burning masks of mustard, and switched to a healthy diet. Poet I don't know exactly what helped. But still continue to drink, I bought another pack. Month drink month take a break.

Vitamins are no different from other drugs, and careless use can have serious consequences. Perfectil is no exception. Despite a rich and balanced composition, the presence of useful components, before you start taking it is advisable to consult a doctor.