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Why is your hair? The main causes of oily hair.

Luxury well-groomed hair can become the main women's arms, able to attract the attention of all the others and slay them on the spot. However, in modern conditions to maintain the beauty and health of hair is very difficult. Adverse external and internal causes contribute to the deterioration of the hair, making it slim, breaking and painful-looking. But the scourge of bad hair – it's high fat content, which affects the overall appearance, leaving a bad and sloppy impression.

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The appearance of shiny grease in the hair caused by excess produced in the body substances sebum. This sebum is produced in sebaceous glands, the hair located on the head surface. Sebum is very good for the body, because in normal state it protects the hair from atmospheric and physical stress like wind, rain, cold and ultraviolet light. Sebum gently envelops hair on all length, providing natural protection, which delivers the body.

When normalizerbase the production of sebum the scalp it is necessary not more often two times a week.

However, excessive production of sebum, in other words Hyper seborrhea, is a disease that must be fought. With Hyper seborrhea hair becomes oily the next day or even the evening of the current day. Increased secretion of fat from the glands shows that there are many causes that can disrupt the functioning of the organism on a much more serious level. That is why it helps to understand why the hair quickly becomes oily, what to do in this situation.

Causes of oily hair

Oily hair look dirty and sticky. However, it's often not carelessness of their owner. Reasons why hair becomes oily, there is a huge number. Any of them can cause hair in a deplorable state.

  1. Improper care. The use of hard iron combs violates the structure of the hair and frequent brushing tolerate greasy fat from the roots throughout the length of the hair. In this case the comb should be changed to wooden, and also limit hair care a few hand movements.
  2. Washing your hair too often. A surprising fact, about which forget many women trying to cope with the problem of greasy hair with daily washing. The more hair is exposed to water, the faster they washed away the natural protection, leaving them under attack from all external factors. If the problem of oily hair is in the excessive shampooing should be for five to seven days to forget about the shampoo and then the hair will return to its originalstate.
  3. Hormonal problem. The main cause of Hyper seborrhea – hormonal disturbance and the generation of a huge amount of androgen. In any case, the manifestation of greasiness of hair, it is necessary to refer to the endocrinologist. Is it possible to detect other diseases, because the Hyper seborrhea can indicate problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
  4. Pregnancy. The increase in the level of hormones and disrupt the body condition becomes very frequent cause of the fat in the hair of pregnant women. The problem is solved naturally, however if the after birth hair does not come to normal, the treatment to the endocrinologist will be the answer to the question.
  5. Puberty. Changing in adolescence, the body often undergoes many hormonal issues. With age, the endocrine system comes to a harmonious state. Good skin care allows you to experience a period of hormonal teenage rebellion.
  6. Ecology. The environment is a serious factor of deteriorating the condition of the hair. Under attack the entire body as a whole, and in this case, only the problem of oily hair often to get rid fails. If you can not change the situation in a more favourable environment, you should pay more attention to taking vitamins and medicines to care and restore hair condition.
  7. Stress. During times of stress also increases the production of androgen, which is secreted as fat from the sebaceous glands. Enough sleep and organized day regimen will help to solve the problem with the hair in this case.
  8. Fatigue. In a state of fatigue, the body begins to falter, hormonal status becomes unstable. Oily hair signaled the imminent approach of a nervous breakdown. Quality rest and lack of stress within fast time get rid of this problem.
  9. The use of nicotine. Cigarette destructively affect the whole body, and the manifestation of fat hair getting just one of these factors. The tobacco smoke settles on the hair and clogs the blood vessels and also affect the functioning of the internal endocrine system. For healthy hair from cigarettes should be abandoned.
  10. Heredity. Many women try to cope with the hair style, which got them into the genetic inheritance from grandparents. Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons for sazimanja hair to fix which is very difficult. To fight with a predisposition for oily hair only by using tailor-made tools and methods for the treatment of hair.
  11. An improper diet. Consumption of fatty, salty, sugary foods and junk food alsodisrupts metabolic processes in the body. Balanced meal normalizes the condition of the hair.
  12. Diet. Numerous ways to lose weight based on inappropriate techniques that lead the body into a state of stress and also deprive him of the right nutrients. Only the right diet will safely help get rid of excess weight without harm for hair.
  13. Medication. Pills often contain a huge amount of hormones that the body seem real bombs. Trying to cope with the effects of medication, the body increases the production of hormones, including sebum.
  14. The reception contraceptives. Hormones put the body changes that he is not ready. To solve this problem, only the selection of individually suitable tablets.
  15. The effects of styling the hair. Hairdryers, irons, styling products, perming and coloring hair affect the General condition of the scalp. The less outside influence the hair get, the faster they come back to normal.
  16. The temperature extremes. During the trek in the winter or summer hair some time to adapt to climate change and, as a consequence, to react a high fat content.

To cope with the problem of oily hair at home using the appropriate cosmetics. Change shampoo and conditioner very often helps to normalize the condition of the scalp. In severe cases it is recommended to go to the beautician and endocrinologist that will help to find an individual approach to hair, returning them in a healthy form.