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Regrow hair for a short period of time

Every man appreciates a modern woman of her appearance and hair is no exception. It is no secret that owners of long KOs has always enjoyed great success with a strong half. But what to do if you have long beautiful hair to grow is not so easy?

According to statistics, the hair grow 2-3 inches per month, given that you care for them well. Immediately comes to mind the most popular means of traditional medicine — burdock oil. Unfortunately, the hair to grow faster not, except that will become softer and will have a healthy Shine.

Here are some practical tips:

  • Get yourself a comb with massage "fingers" and comb every day for 20-40 minutes before bedtime. So you will stimulate hair growth by stimulating "growth areas" on the scalp.
  • Give up the dryer, since it is strongly desiccate the hair follicles.
  • Try not to dye your hair during the grooming. Paint a very negative effect on terminal hair.
  • Buy in a drugstore vitamins. They will help to improve the condition of hair and make them stronger.
  • Take omega-3-6-9 fatty acids. They are also very useful for skin and nails.
  • Adjust the diet. Do not snack in fast food restaurants. Go for green vegetables, fresh fruits, lean meat.
  • Go to a trichologist. The doctor will help you determine if you have a scalp disease and prescribe treatment if necessary.

These tips will help you grow hair for a couple of months 3-5 cm effortlessly.