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Nicotinic acid is available for the growth and strengthening of hair

"...he Gogh, he's Gosha, Yuri..." Remember? The famous film "Moscow does not believe in tears". So can be said about Niacin — aka vitamin B3, vitamin e and Niacin.

About the pros and cons of nicotinic acid

The body is very necessary Niacin. Indications for its use due to the fact that she is actively involved in redox processes, has a marked vasodilator action. Positive effect on intestinal tract, liver and heart, used to relieve inflammation of the intestine, accelerates the healing of wounds.

The procedure is quite simple: use nicotinic acid in ampoules. The syringe I have to get the solution from the vial to pour out on a platter. Divide strands of hair at the parting, every parting with light massage movements to RUB the solution of vitamin B3. The procedure is repeated several times a week. After rubbing the head wash.

But here there are subtleties:

  • the first time you try to RUB half of the ampoule in order to ensure the absence of allergies (itching, burning) in medication
  • if no allergies, then you can safely use for 1 time 1 amp,
  • the procedure is repeated 1-3 times a week for 4 weeks. After 2-3 months you can repeat the course. Why not more often? Many suggest to do it every day, I, as a physician, I do not advise because vitamin B3 is a biologically active substance and misuse can cause even the not particularly sensitive nature of migraine and dizziness
  • nicotinic acid for hair may cause a feeling of warmth and even a slight burning sensation of the scalp. This is normal as these feelings are accompanied by the expansion of vessels and strengthening blood circulation,
  • nicotine rapidly oxidized, losing its useful properties, so it must be used immediately after removal from the ampoule,
  • if after a few uses dandruff, this indicates the individual intolerance of the drug. Will have this recipe to give.

Some pundits suggest dissolving nicotinic acid in the decoctions of the herbs and rinse their hair. But the fact that nicotine poorly soluble in water, so specifically when you rinse her good will any. Of course, will benefit from medicinal herbs, but only from them.

The use of nicotinic acid in hair care is very simple. For this quite a few times a week, RUB the clear solution into the scalp. A positive result will be noticeable within a month.

Many of the reviews about the use of nicotinic acid are filled with calls to RUB into the scalp one at a time, 2-4 ampoules. Impossible! Nicotine aggressively penetrates the skin, is well absorbed and is thereforewill dilate the blood vessels of the head. This property became the cause of active use to improve blood circulation and enhance the absorption of nutrients. Active, but not crazy. Because if you pour on his head a bucket of nicotinic acid, the pressure will tend to zero, which is not compatible with life. If you decided to conduct an experiment, open the front door and put up the side of the phone to before loss of consciousness time to call an ambulance...

For this reason it is not advised to RUB nicotinic acid or use it in the nutrient masks for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. My opinion, as a doctor, is that really the core of high blood pressure or not you should RUB pure vitamin B3, however, the addition of 2-3 drops of nicotine in hair mask will not bring harm, only benefit, as it will increase its nutritional value.

How to use nikatinka hair?

Below are 2 options for how used nicotinic acid for hair growth.

The use of complex care

In shampoo, you can add vitamin B3 if he has no allergies. The ampoule solution is added to a portion of shampoo just before shampooing. No sense in a bottle of shampoo, pour 10 vials for future use. Nicotine will lose its magical power. Another point – use it

In the photo you can clearly see how much healthier and more luxuriant hair has become a girl after her 2 month used nicotinic acid for hair.

In the next photo hair blonde after regenerative therapy with the use of vitamin B3 became clearly thicker.

Draw conclusions, as in mathematics: limited use of nicotinic acid in pure form or in the nutrient masks contributes to the improvement and strengthening of hair.

Reviews on the use of nicotinic acid for hair

A lot of girls in the care of the hair you used nicotinic acid. It generally laudatory:

Lena Serina, 24 years: "I had read about the magic properties of nicotinic acid and decided to try it. Rubbed into the hair after each wash (every 2 days) in pure form. The direct effect was not. But after about a month I noticed that when combing hair on the comb. It's very pleased."

Anna Kravchenko, 36 years: "about the use of nicotine hair consulted a dermatologist. The doctor said that will not be worse. I'm a cautious man. So first I tried to RUB the half of the vial. Nothing bad happened. In place of rubbing became warm. The next day, rubbed the whole vial. Was feeling very light burning. Sodid 2 months every 2 day. The hair almost fall out, not so much cut, it seems to me that the thick steel (the old rubber band on the tail now, barely dressed). Yet make a break to avoid habituation".

Egor Pole, 28 years: "Guys are usually not so fond of, but my hair was falling out. I searched for "strong remedy for hair loss" and found information as good nicotinic acid for hair. Tried. Do rubbing for 3 months in a row a couple of times a week. Hair falls out much less. Midst has not yet become, but at least thank you since the head is not raining."

However, clearly does not fit all nicotinic acid for hair growth. The reviews are negative:

Rimma, age 19: "It's all nonsense! Rubbing for 2 weeks, and have no effect. Go!"

Alexander Vergina, 25 years: "Girls, don't believe it! Hair does not grow faster! Check for yourself. Rubbing for a month, everything is as it was before, and left. The only plus is that the hair stopped falling out."

Svetlana Didenko, 29 years: "I Tried and after 3 times left. Because unpleasant skin burns, my head began to itch and developed severe dandruff. I am very sorry that I believed...".

Video-opinion on the use of nicotinic acid for hair growth:

As you can see, many people — so many opinions. Positive reviews indicate that some nicotine helps a negative one — an individual of insensitivity or Allergy to the drug.