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Shilajit for hair properties and correct application

A range of rejuvenating and tonic for the hair presented today for the most sensitive consumer. But we should not forget about the recipes that help to solve the seemingly unsolvable problems in the field of trichology.

Mummy: what is it? Composition and beneficial properties for the hair

Shilajit is konstruktivnoe substance, which contains a storehouse of useful items. Since ancient times is found mention of this miraculous tool. Famous scientists Aristotle, Avicenna noted in their scientific researches the healing and rejuvenating properties of this product of natural origin. Mountain rock voids and cracks can become a place of formation of Shilajit.

Now mummy looks like a resin of dark color, smelling simultaneously with asphalt, chocolate, resin. This product is formed under the influence of three main factors – strong winds, extreme temperatures, high sun exposure.

The beneficial properties of Shilajit can depend on:

  • his age;
  • designated "growth";
  • method of purification.

The composition of Shilajit is very complicated and is determined by the presence of the following elements:

  1. Minerals. Magnesium, manganese, calcium, potassium is a macronutrient which is a sixth of the total composition of Shilajit.
  2. Amino acids.
  3. Fatty acids.
  4. Essential oil.
  5. Use Shilajit for hair it is possible to justify such factors:

    • non-hormonal nature of substances, "fill" Shilajit;
    • the presence in the composition of the components that accelerate blood circulation of the scalp;
    • the ability of deep penetration mummy in the hair follicles;
    • nutritional impact on the whole length of the hair;
    • getting fast and sustainable results in improving hair structure.

    Unfortunately, many aspects of modern life adversely affect the health of the entire body in General and hair in particular. Density, brilliance, beauty hairstyles do not always fully satisfy their owner. Falling hair, dandruff, flaking scalp, brittle, dull color – not a complete list of those "diseases", the elimination of which can help Shilajit.

    There are two ways to use Shilajit for hair – topically (mask, additives to shampoos, conditioners) and inside (under the scheme). The reception of the mummy is to restore the health of not only hair but the whole body. A daily intake of just two-tenths grams of this raw material will not go unnoticed. Increase vitality, improve wellbeing, to change the state of the skin, nails, hair.

    The mummyshampoo

    The most simple prescription for improving the appearance of hair and their internal structure – just add the mummy in the shampoo. How many pills are added to the tool to wash your hair, you need to take?

    Five milliliters of shampoo, you need to add ten tablets. Rubbing the resulting composition in the head and capping them hair strands from roots to ends, it is necessary to carry out this treatment for a month. To apply this miracle shampoo it 1 time in 7 days.

    Of course, now mummy, mixed with., would have an even greater effect, but the combination of pills with shampoo will make you really excited. Hair Shine, become obedient and silky.

    A solution of Shilajit

    Strengthens hair "elixir" can be made of ten tablets Shilajit dissolved in one litre of slightly warmed water.

    Brownish color will become water, which should be well rubbed into the scalp for half an hour to "wash" the hair. You can use a spray bottle and evenly coat the entire head with an aqueous solution, but in this case, to hold useful stuff will need longer (1 hour). You can even all night to hold the hair medicine.

    If mummy not dissolve in plain water, and the infusion of cranberries, the decoction of calendula and chamomile, the performance will change for the better. The most important condition for obtaining a good result – the regularity of carrying out of medical procedures.

    Hair mask with mummy

    The health of the hair, their beauty and Shine will be a nice continuation long-term use of masks with mummy. 1 gram Shilajit, mix with one teaspoon of glycerin and vinegar, two tablespoons of regular castor oil. Type in the resulting mass the yolk of one eggs and turn all into a homogeneous mass.

    Apply the mixture on your head and make a warm wrap, reinforcing the effect of applying the mask. To do this, put on your head plastic shower cap or plastic bag, top, wrap head with a warm towel or a large bath towel and hold for one hour. Rinse with warm water.

    Restorative mask

    To treat weak, fragile, brittle hair, you can use this recipe. The composition of this treatment mask includes only 1 gram of Shilajit. All the other components you need to take in the same amount (one or two tablespoons).

    Melt the honey, add the juice family doctor – aloe Vera, garlic juice and the yolk of one egg, mix everything using a blender or manually. Put Shilajit, prepare a homogeneous mixture and apply to hair, distributing the hair from the roots along their entire length. Twice a week apply the mask on hair for 30-60 minutes) to obtain the desired result.

    All useful use of Shilajithair

    With all the valuable properties of the mummy has contraindications in relation to hair:

    • a special sensitivity to the substances contained in Shilajit;
    • pregnancy;
    • breast-feeding;
    • cancer.

    Owners of dry hair needs special care to apply Shilajit, because products that contain mountain drug can further dry out the scalp and tresses. To mitigate this negative impact, you have to combine Shilajit with different healthy oils – castor, burdock, olive, etc.

    Price of Shilajit for hair

    Probably, pessimistic people can say that all of these procedures are too expensive. Let's find out how much money you need to spend on Shilajit for hair? At what price?

    • Pills extract different pharmaceutical companies are not so expensive, from 70 to 100 rubles per pack of 20 pieces.
    • It is possible to use capsules, their price is more in the area of 200-400 rubles.
    • Plate with Shilajit can be purchased for 26-35 rubles.
    • Batch packaging will cost you about a thousand rubles for 100 grams.

    You need to consider that prices of drugs vary depending on the manufacturer and location of implementation may be different.

    Reviews after use Shilajit for hair

    Tatiana, 30 years

    A long-time lightening and highlighting hair, which is not very favorable impact on the structure of the hair. My once lush hair is dull, the tips began to bifurcate. The panic about the condition of the hair a little sleep when I found a recipe online restorative mask with mummy. Done faithfully every week on Saturdays during the month. The result was a pleasant surprise and made me very happy! See for yourself the result. Impressive, isn't it?

    Andrew, 32 years.
    Always believed that only women care about the beauty of hair...
    But I have real trouble! For a long time "vpahivat" as-drawn, very much wanted me to move up in your career. It was not always possible to eat normally, stress is a constant and continuous pressure did the trick. Not immediately noticed that the hair once was not enough... the Horror! I'm only in my 30s, well now to go bald? Well, I shared this problem with my mom. She was at work sounded, and here is one of my mom's employees advised just a regular shampoo, which I use to add pills Shilajit.

    Of course, I didn't at first, and then decided – was-not was, will try. Not immediately see the result in the form of small posocco of new hair. About two months washing my hair this way. You can't imagine how happy I was when the hair loss has stopped!!! I hope to continue to use thismethod.

    Elena, 56 years old.

    I read a lot in my youth and heard from others about the terrible state of women – menopause. This time, I also learned all of his "charms". I will not paint all, will affect only the condition of the hair.

    The hair was some strange, thin, dull. Often Sallis, fell in hairstyle didn't want to meet. I did not want to shear them as advised by my girlfriends. Well, in the nearby pharmacy one employee was advised to drink pills Shilajit and pobrisati his head solution.

    All weekend, while family was at the cottage, I felt an unusual plant watered itself from a spray solution with Shilajit. Like, popisku like dry water, to sprinkle again. It only took 3 weeks that I noticed, but the recipe-it works! New hair, knocked out, even captured, let's see! I advise everyone now it's a simple remedy!

    If you find problems with the hair (dull color, breakage, split ends, etc.) don't despair and don't give up. Do not rush to the pharmacy for expensive resources, try as reinforcing and reducing agent structure of your hair mummy. Masks, solutions, natural shampoo with the addition of Shilajit will help to return your hair to life again and you can feel proud of your hair!