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Minoxidil is the best way to grow a beard

The beard never goes out of fashion. She adds men of brutality. But not everyone is able to let her go. And often the difficulty is not that the hair won't grow. Sometimes they are uneven or there are completely bald patches of skin. To help solve the problem of funds for the growth of the beard, such as Minoxidil.

What is Minoxidil?

This remedy is for external use only. Minoxidil dilates blood vessels that improves blood microcirculation and increased supply of hair follicles with nutrients. Follicles respond with growth and development. Awaken dormant follicles and weak due to the increased power becomes stronger and it helps transform the gun into a full hair. Most often used

The beard is my old dream. Tried several times to grow, but all of the hair located below the jawline, mostly on the neck. On the cheeks was a single bristle and receding hairline. When I learned about the Minoxidil, I immediately decided to try it. Used six months. All this time shaved, but I noticed that on the cheeks there were new hairs. Now decided to grow the long-awaited beard in the top photo she's almost 2 weeks.

Oleg, 30 years

With Minoxidil, I was able to grow an elegant beard. I didn't even think of my meager vegetation this can happen))) are Now actively using the tool for the hair. They are not very thick, I think I will be able to cope with this problem. When I made one mistake – carelessly dealt a stimulant for the mustache and now often have to make a correction, as they grow very fast.

Cyril, 26 years

The beard decided to grow to look older. I work as a head of Department in a large company, and I want to match the status. Minoxidil bought in the usual city pharmacy, found out about it quite by accident. Hairline and bald head. Just wanted to move the growth line above. That's what I did. Put the drug 2 times a day for about 5 months. I don't lead anywhere, but those hairs that I had, growing much faster new. I hope that soon everything is back to normal.

Andrew, 21 years

In 15 years all boys in the class began to appear the vegetation. I have a slight fuzz appeared only in the army. Everyone said I was lucky, shaving is not necessary, and I was very complexed about this. And when I grow my rare hair, I looked ridiculous. Minoxidil started to apply as soon as I got out of the army, used for about 8 months. The first result appeared after 6 months and my hair began to grow very rapidly. Now I have a normal male facial hair and I shave it regularly. Now think why is that all I need? Forself-affirmation... But now I can say that Minoxidil works.

Modern cosmetic and medical remedies can work wonders. They can be used to get rid of hair or to gain. Minoxidil is one of these drugs. Its popularity proves that it really stimulates hair growth.