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Head massage for hair growth — combine business with pleasure

Head massage has a beneficial effect on the hair, strengthens blood flow to the hair follicles and improves the nourishment of hair. Proper massage enhances the flow of oxygen to hair follicles, effectively relieves stress, builds a dream and relieves pain. In this article, you will be able to learn about the benefits of scalp massage, contraindications to it, and how to run treatments.

For head massage can help?

The head massage will bring many benefits to all hair types except oily. In fact, massage treatments promote the production of sebum. The result is an even greater deterioration of oily hair. To massage the scalp specialists recommend those who have previously had injuries, there is fungal or eczema.

People who suffer from

Scalp massage brush is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to improve the condition of hair. This procedure is recommended to do before going to sleep, when the body is prepared to rest. Massage comb is better to choose natural materials (wood). Especially good effect gives massage with comb from juniper. It will not only enhance the blood circulation of the scalp, but also eliminates harmful bacteria and will make the massage a pleasant (calming thanks to the smell). Brush gently hold the hair, moving from her temples to the nape.

Massage stretching strands of hair

In doing this, one must be careful not to damage the hair structure. To perform this type of massage is easy to pinch between your fingers a few curls and circular movements (not much) to pull them in different directions.


The scalp is rubbed with light movements of the fingers (need to move from forehead to nape). The therapist does hands in a circular or straight motion. When the procedure is executed before washing the hair it is recommended to moisten the fingers in the cosmetic oil. The effect of the massage will be more stable if you use an aid to activate blood circulation in the scalp. These include, in particular, include essential oil, castor oil, salt (sea or table) and

Massaging scalp with your hands, you can perform anywhere. Combing hair with your fingers will not only strengthen your hair but also will make the hair lush. Thanks to massage hands provides intensive blood flow to hair follicles and improves the nourishment of hair. The more you massage your head with your hands, so lush and thick your hair is. Circular massage is considered the simplest among all types. Just swipe your fingers over the head and press your palm to the head near the ears.


In the process of performing this kind of massage you should haveinvolved fingertips. The starting point for massage the hairline. Fingers swipe the hair from forehead to nape, lightly pressing on the skin. To achieve a stronger effect if you perform a circular motion along the same line, but with a stronger pressure.

Massage with an open scalp

First, you need to take the comb and make the parting. Then you can begin to massage. Fingertips wizard are parted in the middle, with their help, running a gentle caress along the parting, from forehead to neck (procedure is repeated 3-4 times). Then, similarly runs deep effleurage to increase circulation and to remove excess fat from the skin.

In the next phase of this massage is zigzag rubbing. Massage with your index and middle finger of the right hand rough on the skin even more, activating her nerve endings and clearing the layers of dandruff. Then the master performs a warm-up, during which the skin of the head as if shifting with your fingers from herself and back to him.

After that comes the turn of the intermittent vibration. Masseur performs surgical strikes with fingers on the region of the parting, gradually deviating to the left or right side from the parting. This massage is done in the longitudinal and transverse directions.

Massage scalp with oils

Rubbing the essential oil into the scalp is a pleasant and useful medical procedure aimed at dealing with baldness. After this massage, your curls will not only get healthy, but will smell nice. Massage scalp experts advise to choose orange, rosemary or fir oil. It in a small amount drip on the palm and then begin to RUB into the scalp, first in a circular motion, and then a light tingling. Be sure to use essential oil, make a test for an allergic reaction (possibly, this method will not work).

Another great tool for growth and strengthen the hair is olive oil, castor oil and sunflower oil. They used warmed our ancestors. This recipe was used by the Egyptian beauty Cleopatra. Using it, you will improve the structure of the hair the best nutrition follicle and hair follicles.

After application to the hair and scalp mask of the oils aged in about an hour, and head tedious to wrap the towel to the effect of the procedure was better.

Massage over hair

This method of massaging the scalp also involves performing movements in the transverse and longitudinal directions using techniques of kneading, acupressure, of extension and stretching of the skin. This option requirescaution to avoid damage to the hair roots. To make the procedure more useful, can be used in the process, herbal teas.

Pamper your scalp a light massage as often as possible. This simple procedure will make your hair healthy and beautiful!