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How to dry hair?

Beauty hair is, above all, their purity. But the appearance of hair depends not only on the right choice of shampoo and drying method. Let us examine what types of hair drying are and what suits you.

When the hair dry themselves

Of course, the dryer is one of the most sought-after appliances. However, in the absence of drying the hair is carried out in a natural way. This method may hurt only in the case if with wet hair to go out. But if the lack of a hair dryer all you really need to dry your hair quickly, you can do so. Washing your head, you should carefully blot hair with a towel, then dry towel to wrap the head. And as needed to replace the drenched towel dry. 20 minutes later (depending on length) hair will be dry.

The most useful thing to wash my hair before bed. Then wrap the hair with a towel, and in the morning are already dry. Only after such drying, in the morning may need a laying with the use of the same dryer, Curling iron, immediately and deprive hair healthy and beautiful.

To dry your hair another way – their own fingers

After wrapping the hair with a towel, you need to run your fingers and lift the strands. This speeds up the drying process, further facilitates combing and gives the hair volume. And most importantly, does not harm hair. This method is recommended for hair permed.

You also need to remember not to dry the hair in the sun. As it is not recommended to comb wet hair to avoid damage.

Drying with a hair dryer

Don't always have time to wait, to let the hair dry naturally. It is for this and used a Hairdryer. Thanks to a Hairdryer for drying hair consumes a lot of time, easy to do the desired styling. Therefore, most modern women can not imagine life without a dryer. And this is understandable!

Rules of drying hair dryer

While hair is still wet, they should evenly apply heat tool. Then carefully with your fingers to divide the hair to get fine highlights. They are dried alternately Hairdryer, betraying the right amount. Air flow is necessary to direct hair from the roots to the ends. During drying there is stowage on wet hair. A Hairdryer to keep the head closer than 15 cm, do Not need to also include the maximum mode. The air supplied to the dryer should be warm, not hot, which is harmful to the hair exactly the same way as the dryness. Despite all the advantages of dryer, do not use it often.