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What vitamins needed for hair growth? Foods containing essential vitamins

Beautiful lashes shines on photos of the shop window advertising the shampoos with vitamins. Cosmetics and cocktails, all kinds of complexes – vitamins are everywhere. All because it properly, efficiently and healthy, and it is now in fashion.

Which group of vitamins are necessary for hair growth

Are you aware of the existence of vitamins, which will help to improve your health and appearance, and also to promote hair growth?

The b vitamin actually is

The structure of this complex includes vitamins and minerals, are involved in the metabolism of the entire body and required skin and its derivatives – nails, hair. Ledis the formula is taken orally, during a meal, adult — 1 table. 2 times a day for months. The price of the product – in the range of 700-900 rubles.

The drug is not recommended to take simultaneously with other vitamins. You can apply advantage to the main — external products of the same series, for example, if a woman has a problem with hair and legs and skin in order. The preparations of biosystem dual action there are significant additions that enhance the focus and force of impact. This technology of vitamins for hair growth ensure their high efficiency.

Alphabet Cosmetics

This complex will win 13 vitamins and 10 minerals. Separate taking 1 pill at different times of the day promotes better assimilation of all elements. The price of the "Alphabet" is 230 — 330 rubles. The length of treatment is 1 month. Receiving restorative vitamins improves health, skin and hair, restores the reserves of useful minerals in the body.

Aevit hair

Aevit for the hair combines a combination of vitamins A and E. It can be used as orally, 1 capsule for 1 month and add its contents to the masks and balms for hair care. The price of this tool is low – 60-100 roubles. The use of these miraculous vitamins "Duo" helps to improve the elasticity of the skin and hair.


Revalid is a well — established vitamin complex for hair, skin and nails. It consists of vitamins and amino acids, trace elements and plant extracts. It is recommended to take the drug 1 capsule 3 times daily before meals for 3 months. Price vitamin complex is between 260 to 400 rubles.

It is used together with the external application of vitamins for hair masks and caregivers. Revalid significantly improves hair condition and restores them structure, gives them health and Shine.

What products contain essential hair vitamins

Vitamins cannot be reserved for future use. To usefoods rich in them, you need every day.

If your daily diet will consist of any five vegetables and fruits the size of a fist, a lack of vitamin C does not threaten you. Other vitamins that are useful for hair, we can easily find in basic food products.

Some substances once in our body with food, become vitamins only under certain conditions. Vitamin a in the diet itself is not present. Vegetables need to eat with vegetable oil or sour cream in order to digest carotene, which our liver converts into vitamin A.

In fact, the carotene contained in all green and yellow vegetables, but when cooking in an open pan, a significant part of it is lost. A person receives vitamin a mainly from fish ROE and carrots, dairy products, liver and kidneys of animals.

Vitamin b is found in many foods: kidney, liver, oatmeal, fish, nuts and eggs. Especially a lot of b vitamins in wholemeal bread, whole-grain products (buckwheat, barley, oatmeal). Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin is found in yeast, yogurt, cheese, milk.

Whole wheat grains are the best natural source of vitamin E. it is Also found in nuts and vegetable oil, egg yolk and liver. Although it is best vitamin E is absorbed from the capsules.

About vitamin D few of the people who have reached the age of 30, there is a need to worry. But if you have nothing to do with the shortage of this vitamin from birth, to ensure enough subsequently it is possible. Compensate for the lack of help the cod liver oil, butter, cheese, eggs.

Cod liver oil, vitamin D, enrich the body with folic acid. This required for hair growth acid can be found in the following products: parsley, rye bread, cereals, cheese, cheese. And Biotin vitamin that is very important for hair growth, enters the body with nuts, eggs, heart, kidneys.

Add to your diet dishes containing gelatin: jelly, jelly. Gelatin is rich in protein and positive effect on the growth and structure of hair.

Remember! Absorption of vitamins interferes alcohol, caffeine, aspirin. Nicotine kills vitamins a, C and E, hypnotics impede their uptake. Antibiotics destroy the b vitamins, and diuretics eliminate them from the body.

Most people believe that vitamins can radically change the life and the appearance of the person. And it's true! They serve as medication for those who suffer from fatigue, insomnia and General ill health. After all these factors have destructive impact on skin, hair, nails.

With the help of vitamins can slow down the aging process, get rid of many diseasesand to fully enjoy life and its beautiful appearance.