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What is ozone therapy? The main advantages of the procedure

In medicine ozone is used for a long time. This substance is able to restore tissue after serious burns, to heal wounds and to treat some diseases of the hair and scalp. Ozone therapy to treat many diseases and prolong youth structural cells of the body. The mechanism is not complex in the presence of ozone in the blood is the enrichment of cells with oxygen. While the human immune system aktiviziruyutsya, the body is cleared.

Ozone has anti-fungal, disinfectant, and bacterial action on the body. High concentrations of ozone used for disinfection, intermediate — to reduce pain, low — to heal. It is used both topically and internally.

Advantages of ozone therapy:

  • Ozone removes waste and toxins from the body, restores microflora of the stomach;
  • Fights viruses;
  • To cope with the mange, and even herpes;
  • Improves the blood flow and refreshes the subcutaneous tissue;
  • Ozone therapy is effective in various forms of mastitis and inflammation in women;
  • A positive effect on the function of the sebaceous and sweat glands;
  • Widely used in cosmetics for the treatment of acne, fungus, psoriasis, and dermatosis;
  • Prescribed to people who suffer from diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • Ozone therapy is effective in the fight against cellulite;
  • Actively used to treat scalp and hair.

As with any medical procedure, ozone therapy can be done only after examination and the doctor's advice as to its application has contraindications: thyroid disease, hypersensitivity, bleeding disorders and so on.