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Colorless henna for hair — natural health source

Henna has long been used to strengthen and nourish hair. For those who do not want to change your natural color, use colorless henna, which conditions hair, it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action.

What is a colorless henna?

Henna is a natural organic product derived from a plant of lawsonite. Growing lawsonia in a warm climate zone, mainly in the territory of India, in North Africa, it does not require careful maintenance, tolerates drought. Lawsonia used as a coloring tool, as a means for strengthening of hair, used for the manufacture of medicines. Henna is a popular product for strengthening and natural hair coloring.

Lawsonia grown on farmland and farms. The primary seed is inoculated plants at indoor nurseries, after transplanted into the open fields. The harvesting in the flowering period of lawsonite, then manually separate the leaves from the stems, they are drying and transportation to the manufacturing plants.

The process of production of colorless henna for hair:

  • the separator processing of lawsonite is to separate small impurities and debris from the stems of the plants;
  • the crushing of the stems to a powder mass;
  • sifting the powder;
  • removal of moisture;
  • laboratory testing for compliance with quality standards;
  • packing finished product in vacuum sealed containers

The main countries-manufacturers of henna is colorless, India, Pakistan, Sudan and Egypt. The product produced in these countries is of high quality and completely natural.

The beneficial properties of the colorless henna for hair

Henna for hair colorless has many useful properties. Regularly using henna, the hair appearance significantly improve, they will become smooth, supple with a holistic structure.

Main beneficial properties:

  • the restoration of the hair structure. Colorless henna particles fill in the spaces of damaged hair, thereby contributing to its recovery;
  • prevention of hair loss. Henna stimulates blood circulation, the hair follicles get enough nutrients and prevents hair loss;
  • the prevention of acne. The composition of the henna includes astringent substances, which are dried pus formation, pimples and other eruptions on the scalp;
  • strengthening the hair. Vitamins that are part of colorless henna for hair, help strengthen hair, stimulate their growth

Colorless henna for hair has a nourishing, regenerating andanti-inflammatory properties. Also has exfoliating and cleansing action on the scalp.

After applying henna, the hair becomes strong, shiny and alive.

You should try to use a colorless henna, if you have:

  • brittle and split ends;
  • dull hair;
  • there is a premature loss of hair;
  • pus formation on the scalp;
  • excessively oily hair;
  • dandruff;
  • slow hair growth;
  • lack luster hair;
  • itching on the scalp;
  • the hair after a bad coloring;
  • Allergy to components of shampoos, hair masks, etc.

Instructions for use of colorless henna

Proper use colorless henna to strengthen the hair determines the quality of the result. On the packet of henna, written rules of dilution of the powder, the amount of water used, the necessary consistency of the resulting mass.

We recommend you to use an open packet of powder. Henna deteriorating rapidly outdoors, the nutrients are destroyed, the powder loses its healing properties. Fresh colorless henna for hair has a greenish tint, pay attention to it!

Brief usage instructions:

  1. Dilute the powder in filtered hot water, follow the ratio of powder to water is 1:3. If possible, add tonic – burdock, decoction of sage, or chamomile.
  2. Let the mass cool down to room temperature, after apply to dry clean hair. First and foremost, you must RUB the henna into your scalp, then evenly distribute on all length of hair.
  3. After application to hair, wrap head in plastic wrap, top wrap a bath towel. The first time the mask is applied for half an hour. If not observed negative effects, it is possible to increase the blending time means up to one hour.
  4. Rinse the henna with plenty of water at room temperature. After, rinse your hair with shampoo with the addition of a small amount of balm.

Important. Dilute the dry powder until the consistency of sour cream. Only apply the cooled paste on the hair. Thoroughly massage into the scalp. Keep the mask for more than one hour.

For best effect is to strengthen the hair, it is recommended to use a mask.

Ingredients strengthening hair mask with henna:

  • 40 grams powder colorless henna;
  • 20 grams powder of white or blue clay;
  • 1 tablespoon of castor oil;
  • 1 egg yolk;
  • 2 tbsp. of decoction of chamomile or nettle

The procedure for making a hair mask with colorless henna:

  1. Pour the henna froma bag in a small container, add white or blue clay, stir thoroughly.
  2. To the resulting mass add a tablespoon of castor or burdock oil.
  3. Separate the yolk from the white, use it as the main ingredient.
  4. For light hair, add chamomile infusion for dark decoction of nettles or oak bark. Mix thoroughly the obtained creamy mass, remove the lumps.
  5. Apply the prepared mask on for 40 minutes on dry hair, cover with polythene and a towel, wash off with plenty of water.

Tip: the henna oxidized metal, it is not recommended to use metal tools for mixing.

There are any harmful properties for the hair from colorless henna?

The composition includes colorless henna chrysophanol, which has a painting effect. If your hair is light, do not apply henna on the entire length, to begin to test the tool on the individual strands. If the color was natural, feel free to use masks with the addition of colorless henna.

Tannins, which are a component of the colorless henna, dried hair, do not use tool for people with dry hair.

What they say hairdressers and doctors-trichologists about colorless henna

Hairstylist Elena Vasilkova (Perm):

Colorless henna – a great tool for strengthening and nourishing your hair. When used properly, henna does not stain the hair, does not dry them and cause other negative effects. Hairdressers often use the masks, the main component of which is the colorless henna. Masks are used for the treatment of dandruff and to improve hair structure.

The doctor-triholog Georgy Abramov (Moscow):

Henna is one of the few natural remedies for hair strengthening. With proper use of henna, the recovery of the hair structure. It is recommended to use henna for natural, never dyed with synthetic dyes, the hair. Do not use henna to strengthen brittle or thin ends.

Colorless henna – reviews after applying

Make an objective opinion about colorless henna for hair, will help reviews.

Lyudmila, 55 years

In my youth my hair was dry and brittle, I read about the healing properties of henna can start to use the tool. For more than 30 years do not change habits to strengthen colorless henna hair. The result is beautiful – the hair looks alive and healthy.

Hope, 34

Start to apply henna to revive hair, giving them a natural beauty and Shine. The result appeared after two months of regular use. I recommend to all!

Olga, 22 years

Use colorless henna from time to time for prevention.After applying the hair becomes soft and pleasant to the touch.

Irina, 46 years

A long time could not find a suitable tool for hair care. For several years now as I use henna twice in a week. Hair became more voluminous, the living, appeared a light Golden color.

Nick, 18 years old

Recently did a hair mask on the basis of colorless henna, other components are not added. After the procedure, the hair combed out and was brittle.

Colorless henna – a natural remedy for hair that does not contain in its composition harmful chemicals such as ammonia and peroxide. Henna is an excellent antiseptic, restores the integrity of the hair, it adds volume, gives a healthy look.