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What to do when the magnet hair and why this is happening

The situation when magnetic hair a lot of inconvenience. The hair is impossible to style your hair, gather together and on the head constantly shapeless MOP. Many grooming and priglazhivanie worsen the situation, and they electrified even more. Why magnetic hair, what to do and how to facilitate packing?

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Causes the magnetization of the hair of static electricity which accumulates under the influence of various factors. So you need to figure out what triggers its production.

The reasons for which magnet the hair:

  1. Dehydration. The magnetization is most prone to dry, brittle, damaged hair.
  2. Use metal or plastic combs, hair clips, headbands.
  3. Drying, the frequent use of heating styling instruments.
  4. Insufficient nutrition of hair. The cause of the problems common in long-haired girls.
  5. Lack of vitamins and minerals. Disrupted hair follicle deteriorates and the natural production of protective grease.
  6. If the hair is very magnetic in the cold season, the reason may be in contact with the headgear.

Sometimes the cause of magnetization are care products or styling. You should avoid cosmetics, in which alcohol is present.

This is the main reason that the electrified hair, but can be others due to the individual's care or condition of the body.

What to do when a magnetic hair

There are some proven ways to fix the problem.

Conditionally they can be divided into 2 groups:

  1. Ways to smooth out hair and bring the hair to its normal form.
  2. Way to prevent magnetization.

First and second will come to the rescue of the girls, if a strong magnetic hair. So, what to do exactly?

The best ways to handle the electrification of hair:

  1. To change the comb. Should completely abandon plastic and metal. It is better to prefer brushes with natural bristles or models with wooden teeth. In specialized shops you can buy combs with carbon fiber, hard rubber and silicone. They have antistatic effect and good smooth protruding hairs.
  2. To unsubscribe from a hair dryer or use it in the most extreme cases. The hair problem is dry in a natural way. From the hot air jet they will electrify even more. The alternative – special Hairdryer with ionization. The producers promise this decrease static electricity.
  3. The hair is not magnetises in winter special can helpcare. Sometimes you can find a whole line of cosmetic products that include shampoos, masks and balms. They have a high content of nutrients, make the hair more smooth and heavy. There are also special funds that hair does not magnetises. They are known as antistatic agents. Often produced in the form of a spray used after washing or during styling. It can also be sprayed once removed the cap or hood.
  4. After every wash use conditioner. Better if it is designed for dry hair. The conditioner will smooth out the flakes, fill hair with moisture and coated with a protective film which will prevent the magnetization.
  5. To use the wax. Today there is a special tool, enriched with vitamins and has a pleasant aroma, for example, gel wax from "Taft". Need a little money to RUB in palms and apply to strands. It is heavier, smooth and fixes the hairstyle. The main thing is not to overdo it and not to put on roots of hair to create the effect of dirty talk and dirty hair.
  6. To do lamination or keratin recovery. These procedures offer beauty salons. They are special coatings that make hair smooth, moist and heavy. In addition, the magnetization disappears, the hair will gain Shine, easier styling. The alternative to salon procedures – gelatin mask, which is also called the home lamination.
  7. To make masks for hair. You can use ready-made or homemade. Best remove frizz oil mask. You can use any: olive, burdock, castor, mustard, peach or linen. If the hair is greasy at the roots, apply only on the length, stepping back a few inches.
  8. Medical rinsing. To hairs not magnetises, after washing, need to do the cold rinse mineral or acidulated with lemon juice water. Also suitable weak solution of Apple cider vinegar. These same solutions can be poured in a bottle of spray and styling products are used instead of special tools.
  9. If you need to quickly deal with the problem, you can use any cream (for hands, body, face). A small amount is rubbed into your palms and smooth your hair. You can also use a balm or conditioner. The main thing – not to overdo it so the strands are not hung with icicles.
  10. And finally, a tool that will come to the rescue when the hand is nothing. To fold his boat, bring it to your lips and breathe in them with all his strength. Immediately to smooth hands hair.

Problems never occur without a cause. If they are staticky, sticking out and not listen, then you need to reconsider leaving, to add powerand moisture. In the case where all the above remedies do not help it is advisable to consult with a specialist to do diagnostic testing of the hair.