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Thin hair – what to do?

Women who had a thin hair often do not know the rules and characteristics of care. For many, hair is a punishment, because without treatment, they become brittle and whipped. After reading this article, you will learn how to care for thin hair, what tools and medicines to use to strengthen them.

How to strengthen thin hair?

To strengthen fine and lifeless hair, must be approached comprehensively. Now in stores you can find a lot of cosmetic products to strengthen hair and restore their structure. Picking them correctly, you will be able to make your hair silky, soft, manageable.

Diet with thin hair

In strengthening hair, try, first, to reconsider the principles of its power. To make his hair more lush and thick, girls need to eat foods rich in vitamin A. these include cheese, liver, cheese and eggs. Note the illustration located below:

Wash and massage

Thin sparse hair prone to rapid contamination, so you need to wash them as often as possible. But for stronger growth of fine hair, do a scalp massage at least a couple times a week. Do massage with fingertips in circular motions from the temples to the back of the head. Thanks to the massaging movements increases blood flow to the hair follicles and the hair will stop falling out in large quantity.

If your hair is thin, brittle and damaged – try not to expose them to aggressive treatments (chemical Perm, leveling tongs or blow-drying).

Mask for weakened hair

Masks for thin hair – another important condition, contributing to their strengthening and improvement need to be done regularly, based on natural ingredients.

Give a few effective recipes of masks for hair:

  1. Mask of gelatin. To prepare the tools you will need 3 tablespoons of water and 1 tablespoon of gelatin powder. Components are mixed and then added to shampoo and wash your hair. The effect of the application of this tool is just great! The hair becomes soft, silky and voluminous;
  2. Herbal masks. It is necessary to prepare a mixture of pharmaceutical herbs (from dried leaves of Basil, sage, mint and rosemary). All the components of the mixture is well pounded, then added 2 cups of Apple cider vinegar, lavender and peppermint essential oils (5 and 3 drops, respectively). The resulting composition insist in a cool dark place for about two weeks, then filtered and poured into a container of dark color. Store at room temperature. Before using this infusion diluted ina glass of warm pure water (you need to add 2 tablespoons), then rubbed into the scalp, near the hair roots;
  3. The mask of rye bread. The main components in this recipe are sparkling mineral water and a crust of rye bread. Bread soaked in a little water, and the resulting slurry is applied to the hair. Then head wrapped with a film and a warm towel, leave this compress on for half an hour. Then wash off the mask, and the hair dried. Soggy bread may be difficult to get away with the hair, but it's not terrible. When the hair dries, the remains of bread easily combed with comb. Thanks to this mask hair will be more volume and will get a nice Shine;
  4. Mask a compress of essential oils. Cosmetic essential oil must be heated to a warm state in a water bath. Then, the resulting composition is rubbed into the hair roots with fingertips. The best option for this is burdock, almond, castor or cedar oil. With their help, restores the structure brittle and weak hair.
  5. Tinctures hair of red pepper. A couple of egg yolks pound with two leaves of aloe, add to this mix the red pepper and marigold flowers (one tablespoon). The resulting composition applied to the hair roots and then put on the head of beauty warm hat. After 25-30 minutes, the composition with the heads washed away. With this mask you can activate hair growth and make the hair thicker;
  6. Mask to give volume to thin hair. To prepare this recipe you will need the yolk of one egg, a tablespoon of herbs and the same amount of yeast. Preparing a therapeutic mixture for this recipe, keep in mind that many herbs have a slight staining effect, so they must be chosen in accordance with the shade of your hair. Blonde girls better to use a decoction of chamomile, chestnut – calendula and brunettes – bark oak or nettles. Ready mix insist hour, then add a tablespoon of burdock oil and about 10 drops of any other cosmetic oil. Apply a ready mask is recommended under the roots of the hair in a slightly heated state.

Care for thin hair

Caring for fine hair requires the performance of a complex of measures:

  • Respect;
  • A balanced diet;
  • The correct selection of cosmetic products;
  • Regular washing;
  • Saturate the body with vitamins;
  • Use combs made of wood or natural bristle, but not plastic or metal;
  • Regular massage of the scalp.

Fine hair (as, indeed, any other type of hair) experts recommend washing twice. First wash allows you to wash off from the surface of the hair excesssebum, and the second already provides high-quality shampoo.

The choice of shampoo

If you have very fine hair, to give volume to use special shampoos to give volume in which the fat content is minimal. For fine hair it is not advisable to use conditioners or shampoos with them. Rinse washed hair better use mineral water with a small amount of gas. Brush your hair only after they are fully dry, not to stretch them and not to injure.

Proper drying of hair

Equally important in the care of thin and brittle hair is properly dried. After washing your hair dry without using a hair dryer because the hot air will exacerbate the situation and further weaken the hair.


The mask gives a good effect in thinning and brittle hair. It is desirable to prepare at home from natural ingredients. The mask is applied before shampooing, and wash off with a shampoo for daily use. After applying the mask you can rinse the head herbal decoction (for example, from chamomile or nettle). To give the hair volume and strengthen them will help mask out of milk or oatmeal gruel. To eliminate the problem of thin hair and burdock oil. Strengthening effect on hair will make a clay mask. Blue clay saturate the hair with magnesium, calcium and zinc, and will fight with increased oiliness of the hair.

To treat thin hair, you can use the onion mask. Grind in a meat grinder onion mixed with aloe juice, squashed by garlic and honey. This mixture should be applied to the hair at least once a week.


Food fine hair is carried out using the same masks. The best option would be an oil mask to make which will be quite simple. At any pharmacy, purchase capsules from the vitamin groups A and E, home is just squeeze it on your hair and massage into the scalp and massage gently. Half an hour later – rinse with warm nettle broth.

Nourishing hair treatments – essential for complete and comprehensive care for hair. Nutritional compositions for hair selected depending on the fat content of hair, their reactions to composite components, tools and frameworks. So, the shampoo for damaged hair must contain Pro-vitamins, calcium, proteins, magnesium, extracts of medicinal plants. Make the care of thinning hair more effective would help the funds, which is composed of soy proteins.

In summer, thin hair suffers from dryness, so the program care experts recommend the thermal fluid and special protective compounds.

The increase in

If you are interested in the question "howto make thin hair thicker, we recommend you to use this recipe. Heat in a water bath a half Cup of fat yogurt, add to it one egg yolk, mix well and apply the mixture on the hair. Well cover your head and hold the mask for half an hour. After that – rinse composition.

Styling thin hair

If you need styling thinning hair, complete drying with a hair dryer against growth, using the narrow nozzle. The roots of the hair, apply special mousses and sprays, but the gel and wax styling products better not to use. They make the hair heavy and lifeless. For combing fine hair, choose a soft brush and straightening irons and styling irons, try not to use (because of their hair quickly lose moisture and split ends).

Haircuts for thin hair

For fine hair haircut to choose very carefully. Categorically they do not get too long or short hairstyles. Best – option – cut in the form of a cascade. Thanks to her, the volume is visually increased. Owners of fine hair experts do not recommend painted in dark tones. Better – make Colora or highlights.

Now you know what to do with thin hair, how to strengthen them and care for them. Remember that thinning and weakening of hair occurs due to improper care, poor nutrition and improper staining. Perms and constant use of varnishes and paints weakens the hair. Try not to resort to such procedures as little as possible or not perform them at all.