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The causes of slow hair growth

Long and thick curls can become a real decoration of any woman. However, hair growth depends on many factors and each person is an individual. Some may be caused by internal and the other external factors.

The main reasons are:

  • Hormones. Many of the women at first pregnancy, you may experience improvement in the condition of the hair and then rapid deterioration. To affect the condition of the hair the better, it is recommended to eat more protein and less fat.
  • Diet. An unbalanced diet or diet can affect the condition of the hair. Negative consequences for the condition of the hair can cause lack of vitamins in the diet of group b, C and E, zinc, selenium and beta-carotene. Output – balanced diet and regular consumption of vitamins.
  • Emotional state. For anybody not a secret that our mental state has a big effect on his appearance. Being in a state of stress can not only slow down hair growth, but also cause of hair loss. Often this slow process, the effects of stress can negatively affect the overall condition of the hair after 2-3 months.
  • Means to care. The use of special tools and treatments for hair care can improve their condition so much worse. Need to pick up cosmetics for their type of hair, in addition, frequent use of hair dryer can damage the hair structure.
  • A way of life. Cause breakage and slow growth of hair maybe specific hair style, for example, if hair is constantly gathered into a tight bunch or tied with a rubber band in the tail. To avoid this it is necessary to use pins, do not injure the hair.
  • Genetics. The representatives of different races, the growth rate and the structure of the hair varies. As is known from the Eastern peoples hair grow faster, southerners slowly, and Europeans are somewhere in between.

On average the hair grow 1 cm per month, in addition, the growth rate depends on the time of year.

Heredity may be one of the reasons for slow hair growth, in such a situation an integrated approach is needed, starting with a serious attitude to the balance of power to special treatments for hair care. However, if the hair grow slowly at some moment, for example, due to stress, illness or medication, understand the causes, you can restore the hair structure and affect the speed of their growth.

In how to grow hair for a short period of time we give tips that will help to cope with slow growth.