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Talk about young bald men

There is a problem of early balding men. More recently, however, began to develop the absolute boom of the removal of vegetation specifically. More and more men shave themselves hair or remove them chemically. And the girls also joined this movement. Increasingly, on the street you can find the bald girl who wasn't ill with something, and voluntarily removed the hair.

As a rule, young people decorate his bald head in all possible ways. It can be a tattoo on his head. You can also make a stencil out of paper, which is tan. It turns out this kind of "tattoo", which is of a continuous nature.

The idea of a bald head really is not new. In the West, even there is a competition in which the jury choose the most beautiful bald head. But such competition is difficult to get, you must meet certain criteria. On it allowed only men over 40 years of age, whose bald head is natural, and necessarily symmetrical.

But competition is competition, and that's what young people voluntarily get rid of hair?

The answers to this question is very different:

  • Some believe that the hair covers the information coming from space. It is therefore necessary to purify the so-called platform-making information.
  • There is another supernatural version of the need to baldness. It consists in the fact that the UFO in its essence that we in the future. Most often, the UFO presents bald. Hence the need to have a bald head. Thus, young people believe that approaching their descendants from the future.

In any case, each person decides for themselves what is beautiful and what is not. So rant on this topic for a long time. Nevertheless, convinced people of the need to have a bald spot or not, will be less.