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Is it possible during pregnancy to cut hair?

Every woman who will soon become a mother, think about whether to cut or

From the ancient centuries came the superstition that during pregnancy the expectant mother is not recommended to cut your hair. After all, in ancient times, people connected with women's hair a lot of superstitions. In the opinion of our ancestors, hair was a particular source of vitality and wisdom, for this reason sheared them in accordance with special rituals and in strictly certain days. And the answer to the question, why during pregnancy you can not get a haircut, lay on the surface – to preserve the potential for life and energy. Moreover, the ancients bobbed hair only in times of epidemics of cholera, plague.

In the case where trimmed hair would get in the hands of the enemies, it was considered an unfavorable sign, because the hair could cast spells. So the hair immediately after strigamia had to burn and bury it so no one had access to them.

The ancients believed that the loss of hair, people could lose health or even die. This belief was particularly the case for pregnant women who are prescribed to protect my life and protect the unborn baby from variety of diseases and troubles. So the question, can pregnant women cutting hair, the ancestors clearly answered in the negative. Expectant mothers were supposed to protect the spit and not to cut them during the entire pregnancy.

Another superstition says that in the stone age thanks to the hair can keep the warmth of the human body, which allowed the survival of mother and child in winter. The length and thickness of braids mother depended on her life and survival of the baby. Although in today's world no woman no need to warm your baby's hair, a belief about the prohibition to cut curls during pregnancy and is now alive.

Scientific facts

On the question of why pregnant women cannot get a haircut, scientists confidently answer that a haircut can even be considered a necessary procedure, because a pregnant body produces increased amounts of estrogen hormone, influencing

So, back in the modern time and try to understand why you cannot get a haircut pregnant or is it possible? Today in society, every woman decides herself to cut her or not. Most women did not believe that the Barber is forbidden by the pregnancy, but still better to play it safe and cut their hair on certain auspicious lunar days. As a result, the hair trimmed in the day light master hand, will grow faster and their density will increase.

Will consider other arguments in favor of the fact that during pregnancy can cut hair:

  • Hairall women even with proper care prone to splitting ends, and this is particularly noticeable with long uncut hair. So there is no need to radically change the appearance, but to monitor the health of the hair every woman is obliged, even during pregnancy.
  • Looking at famous women on TV, you can pay attention that their appearance in ordinary life and during pregnancy is not too different and they look always equally well-groomed and not afraid of all sorts of superstitions. They remember that a woman should always remain a woman, and the normal ladies have to them to emulate.
  • The mood of a pregnant woman undergoing a rapid change, and his own appearance, which has somewhat deteriorated in the period of carrying a baby, and can completely spoil the mood. After all, the expectant mother undergoing hormonal changes, the skin can appear acne, hair can become dull and lifeless. No woman no pleasure to see my hair in decent condition. Therefore it is better to cut off the unhealthy hair and do cute well maintained four of a kind than thin and brittle long hair, which look at least unattractive.

And the question you can answer clearly and with full confidence that pregnant women can cut hair and even need! Because it will bring so much positive emotions to the woman who will always see their well-groomed reflection in the mirror.

So, is it possible to get a haircut, decides every expectant mother herself, for it no one can make this important decision. She should only take into account all the facts, read all available information on the subject and make the best decision. Most importantly, make the pregnant woman feel comfortable, confident in its beauty, and not worry over small things.

Haircut is a trifle that is not worth the expectant mother was worried about him, because the baby can feel mommy's emotions. And if mom is happy with her appearance and feels satisfaction, then the child will develop as it should and will feel great.