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Perming – beauty with the consequences. How to restore hair?

Perming is a very simple method to give hair volume and splendor. But making beautiful curls, you need to understand how destructive the process waits for the hair in the future. After all this beauty take place, the curls will lose all vitality and healthy Shine, become dry and brittle.

Once that happens, you need to sound the alarm, and to take urgent measures for their recovery. This process is complicated and will require a special approach.

Hair restoration masks

In the fight against this disease need to use a variety of masks and balms, which have a moisturizing and nourishing effect, as after Curling your hair will be severely depleted. To use as you can store tools and made his own. When buying revitalizing masks, you need to carefully read the composition.

In the mask to have the following beneficial components:

  • provitamin B5;
  • Royal jelly;
  • honey and the extract of boxwood.

Apply this mask twice a week, for the entire length of hair. Other days can be limited to balms, which are designed for this purpose. There

Choosing a shampoo, pay attention to its PH, it needs to be neutral, you should understand the

For hair care need not only permed. Healthy Shine and strength of the locks require constant attention. To preserve the natural beauty of hair, you need to adhere to certain rules.

Your actions should be such:

  • You should not comb wet hair, so they can cause more damage, when wet they are very fragile.
  • Before you begin combing, apply a finishing spray, it will help straighten your hair, and it is desirable that it was oil-based.
  • Try to dry hair naturally and do not RUB them with a towel.
  • Quite a bit to wet hair and leave for further drying.
  • Totally abstain from staining at the time of treatment.
  • To give bright color to the hair by natural means, for example, Basma, henna tonic or shampoos.

Sad as it may sound, but to restore hair completely and return them to their former grandeur, not by any miraculous means. To do this, use a haircut hot scissors. But, as the saying goes, "Beauty requires sacrifice".