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How to properly care for hair? Tips and tools for hair care

About beautiful and healthy hair every woman dreams. Hair throughout our life susceptible to various influences. This regular washing, and drying, and colouring, and perming. In addition, the condition of the hair affected by the sun's rays and extreme cold. If you do not provide the hair proper care, under the influence of such negative factors, they will become dull, tired and lifeless. After reading this article, you will learn how to properly care for your hair and pick up cosmetics for them.

Tips for hair care from professionals

Hair care at any age needs to be comprehensive. The only way you can achieve the perfect state of his hair. What are the procedure need to be conducted regularly with your hair?


Main stage hair care is washing them. It would seem that there is nothing difficult. However, many professional stylists say that if the wrong approach to shampooing hair will lose its appeal and become dull. The main recommendations from the professionals regarding washing of hair:

  • Too frequent washing of the head is not necessary. The optimal interval to two days. The only exception will be, except that, hair with a high fat content. Wash them every day or two;
  • The hair is not lost healthy Shine, don't wash them in too hot water (it is dry out the hair shaft);
  • Hair washing is carried out twice, and well after it is necessary to rinse them under running water. If there are any problems with the hair, it hairdressers recommend to use in the process of washing a few complementary tools. For example, if your hair is brittle and prone to fat, the first you can wash with a shampoo for oily hair, and for the second wash uses air to increase the volume;
  • Shampoo is not recommended to put directly on hair. Better lather small amount in hands and then applied to wet hair;
  • The conditioning product should be applied on the hair from the middle;
  • Air conditioning is not recommended to RUB into the scalp because the hair roots will become oily and will lose badly in the volume;
  • To wash the conditioner from the hair using cool water, and if you want to make your hair shiny, then go over their entire length with a piece of ice;
  • Shampoo for hair 2 in 1 try to use as little as possible. Such tools are suitable for a quick wash and will be a perfect travel;
  • Shampoos against dandruff, use only if there is a problem. If you managed to get rid of dandruff – immediately go to another shampoo that will match the typehair;
  • Dry shampoo use in extreme cases (for example, take it with you on a long journey where there will be opportunities to wash the head).


Proper hair care is important, so it should be taken seriously without experiments.

  • Do not put experiments on her hair using unknown new cosmetic products. If your hair will require restoration, it is advisable to make a program in advance in consultation with his hairdresser;
  • Choose shampoo and hair conditioner must be thoroughly with regard to the type of scalp and hair type;
  • Choosing a shampoo, remember that it's meant more for the care of the scalp and improves hair growth. His additional function is to cleanse the hair shaft from dust, dirt and particles of fat;
  • Permanent hair coloring leads to the dryness of the scalp. In this case, you need to wash your hair delicate shampoo with moisturizing effect;
  • At least once a week do a peeling of the scalp. In this procedure, you can not only remove dirt and dead skin cells, but also a layer of sebum. This will ensure the access of oxygen to the hair follicles. The hair will get the necessary nutrients and will be much prettier and healthier.

Hair drying

The drying process of hair has some features without which you will not be able to make them attractive.

  • Wet hair combing is not recommended. Brush will injure and stretch the hair, change their structure. As a result, there are split ends, hair shafts become brittle;
  • If you dry your hair, try to direct the hot air from the top down. For fixing done hairstyles use the cool air. This will help to make your hair shiny;
  • In the summer try the hair dryer is not drying at all. They will be dried from the sun. Use for daily care revitalizing mask for dry hair

Hair styling

The procedure of hair styling be conducted in accordance with the following principles:

  • If you need to focus on the beautiful curls, apply on hair a small amount of mousse and then blow-dry, lightly pressing the strands with your hands;
  • The varnish laying should only be applied to dry hair because wet glues from the vehicle. If you want to make the hair more lush, to give her hair volume, lift sections of hair and direct the spray lacquer at the roots;
  • To fix the hair lacquer is necessary to place the spray at some distance fromscalp and hair;
  • Styling, done on wet hair, will stay bad, so try to carefully dry your hair with a hot air flow, and at the end, rinse hair with cold air.

For more hair care

Professional hair care involves the use of a complex of additional measures aimed at improving their condition. Weekly for hair you need to apply dry shampoo or vitamin mask.

  • The hair mask is recommended to do at least once a week. And for dry and brittle hair mask should be done daily throughout the week. To RUB such funds into the scalp is not necessary, the mask is applied gently over the entire length of hair.
  • Oil and hair mask can replace air conditioning.
  • Mask to restore hair structure is applied before bed and in the morning wash the head.

Means on care of hair

Now on the market represented a huge number of cosmetic products for hair care. With their help your hair recover quickly, it will become shiny and manageable. But of all varieties to really choose a suitable for your hair tools? Will talk about it further.

Professional hair care is carried out with the use of special tools sold only to beauty salons and specialty stores. Each of the professional hair care products has a narrow spectrum of activity and are designed to solve specific problems:

  • Everyday means on care of hair. They are the most accessible and popular, designed for a wide range of consumers;
  • Medical cosmetics sold in pharmacies and is intended for the recovery of the scalp;
  • People's cosmetic products are created from natural natural ingredients, so give hair the most.

There is also a more narrow division of cosmetic products for hair. They are divided in the direction of action:

  • Shampoos are meant for cleaning the scalp and cleanse the hair of dust, dirt, excess sebum. The choice of shampoos professionals recommend to do based on the type and structure of hair. In commercially available shampoos for dry, damaged, oily, colored hair. There are also shampoos with therapeutic effect, designed to combat dandruff. When choosing a shampoo it is important to pay attention not only on the labeling of the type of hair, but also on composition. Usually based cosmetic shampoo is sulfate – the tool in promoting quality cleansing the hair and the formation of foam.
  • The air conditioning system. These formulations are designed to control the level of humidity in the hair shafts. Because of the conditioner hair become obedient,smooth, soft and shiny. In the composition of the conditioning hair products contain silicone oils, thickeners and flavorings. They also have proteins that ensure the preservation of elasticity and facilitates the process of combing.
  • Balms. Creamy substance nourishes and nourishes with moisture dry hair shaft. Balm is recommended to apply immediately after washing, on damp hair. In addition, experts recommend the use of this tool for coloured and weakened hair. If your hair is greasy, the balm they categorically will not work. It will only increase the allocation of subcutaneous fat.
  • Hair dye. This cosmetic ingredient is used mainly to paint gray hair or change their natural color. In many of the hair dyes contain chemical compounds that adversely affect their structure, but at the same time contribute to intense staining. If you don't want to spoil the structure of the hair, can choose a gentle version of paint, based on natural dyes.
  • Styling products. The choice of means for styling hair is huge. These include lacquers, mousses, foams, gels. They help to give the hair extra volume and well fix it. The most versatile tool for hair styling is considered to be the gel. Foams recommend the use for the formation of the hair normal to oily hair. But nail used for fixing.

Daily hair care – the guarantee of health

Daily care of hair makes them beautiful, silky and soft. They are a reflection of the internal state and health of the person. Deterioration of hair condition often signals problems in the internal organs. If you are missing any nutrients and vitamins, the body in the first place, ceases to supply them the hair follicles.

Hair doesn't are vital organs, so their food when shortages of certain items will be cut

This, of course, immediately affect their condition – hair fade, ceases to Shine and can even start falling out. To make your hair look using only cosmetics, it is impossible.

It is necessary to solve internal problems:

  • Less expose the body to stress and disturbance.
  • Correctly and to eat a balanced;
  • Less exposed to hair chemicals (perms or coloring);
  • Drink plenty of fluids (at least 2.5 liters per day);
  • To get rid of bad habits (alcohol and Smoking);
  • To reduce (or completely eliminate) the intake of hormonal medicines;
  • To minimize the negative impactharmful external factors.

Now our readers know how to care for hair correctly. To keep my hair healthy, daily monitor the overall health of hair.