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How to determine hair type on the typical signs?

Proper care of the hair depends largely on their type. To define it is not difficult. The main thing in this question is the observation and knowledge of the characteristics that are inherent in the 4 main varieties of hair.

Normal hair type

Characteristic features of normal type hair

Normal hair does not cause problems to their hosts. They are soft to the touch, elastic, have a beautiful Shine and look healthy. Owners of such hair can be sure that the sebaceous glands of the scalp working correctly. However, this type is extremely rare. The desired effect can be achieved only by carefully caring for your hair and choosing quality cosmetics.

How to define normal hair type?

In order to recognize this type, you should pay attention to the following signs:

  • the need for shampooing only occurs after 2 – 3 days. During this time, the hair retain a healthy Shine without greasiness;
  • strands are easy to comb, they are not confused, and lay them without special tools;
  • there is almost no dandruff.
  • a few days saved lift and volume;
  • normal hair rarely electrified;
  • breakage is minimized;
  • on the tips of medium length and long hair can be a small section, but most often no it.

Dry hair type

Characteristic features of dry-type hair

Dry hair can be caused by scalp problem. Most often it is caused by improper functioning of sebaceous glands that produce too little subcutaneous fat. The lack of the right amount of natural lubrication makes the hair lifeless, dull, not elastic.

Dry the hair, and improper care. Perming, coloring, bleaching, sun exposure, frost, styling by using various devices, the use of a hair dryer can easily damage even the healthiest hair.

How to identify dry hair type?

The characteristics of this type are:

  • no need for frequent shampooing. On some of the hair very slowly accumulates fat, so they stay clean for long. Wash them about once a week;
  • a light gloss, which appears just after washing, the rest of the time the hair dull, poorly reflect light;
  • a large number of brittle and split ends;
  • the constant tightness of the scalp;
  • the presence of itching, irritation, dry dandruff;
  • increased the pomp and electrification;
  • poor laying ability;
  • dry hair is thin, weak and stiff to the touch. They are difficult to comb, as they can become very confused and torn.

Oily hair type

Characteristic featuresoily hair type

Oily hair requires daily washing, otherwise they become dirty and greasy. At the same time, the net strands look shiny and healthy. This type least affected by aging.

Excessive oiliness is a result of hyperactivity of sebaceous glands. Because of the imbalance in the work they produce excess sebum. To aggravate all this can the keratinized scales of the upper skin layer. If they are not promptly removed, they clog the ducts of the glands, disrupting metabolic processes. This leads to slower hair growth, hair loss, and cause itching and dandruff.

Become greasy hair, which incorrectly tended constantly and continuously brushing said. The impact of feeding habits. If you eat a lot of carbohydrates, spicy and fried food, fast food, it increases the production of sebum. Affect the hair maybe genetics.

How to determine oily hair type?

Greasy hair can be recognized if it has the following features:

  • the need for daily washing, which is struggling with excessive hair brining. Clean locks look fresh, but later in the evening or early next morning can purchase Shine;
  • if the head is not washed for longer than a day, the hair appears dull Shine, they stick together, to Shine, be untidy, difficult. Strands become a lifeless form, turned into icicles, an unpleasant odor;
  • dirty hair lift and volume;
  • almost no breakage and split ends;
  • hair is difficult to color, coloring tools must be kept beyond the set time;
  • there is almost always dandruff. Usually it is fatty, firmly rests on the skin and does not fly, even if to shake the head;
  • from oily hair is difficult to do my hair, and if this fails, then only washed the strands, while retaining it for long;
  • there is practically no electrification.

Mixed type of hair

The characteristic features of a mixed type of hair

Mixed hair is always greasy at the roots but dry at the tips. This phenomenon occurs most often on long hair. Usually they look unruly, porous, elasticity, enough shiny. If the strands touch, they appear rough.

The hair, which belongs to the mixed type, receives insufficient amount of lubricating grease on the whole length. As a result, the ends dry out and break down, while the roots and scalp are greasy. The reasons for this phenomenon may become permanent hair coloring, perms appliances that drain ends, long stay in the summer sun and neglectheaddress in the winter.

For the mixed hair look much more complicated than other types. This process is laborious and time consuming. This requires a combination of tools that will solve the problem of greasy roots and will not aggravate the dry ends.

How to define a mixed type of hair?

In the mixed type there are features which are characteristic for dry and for oily hair:

  • can stay clean 2 to 4 days;
  • dirty hair greasy and messy roots, but fragile, brittle, tangled ends;
  • often there is dandruff, which has the form of oily flakes that stick to the skin;
  • clean hair have a healthy glow to the root and minimum at the tips. After a few days the roots begin to Shine fat, and at the ends of the Shine disappears completely;
  • splendor is usually combined: the roots – moderate at the ends – increased;
  • the roots of charging is absent, but there is always at the tips;
  • hair of the mixed type are very difficult to stack. Hairstyle done on clean strands. It is possible only radical styling, to cope with the tips almost impossible.

The division of the hair types is considered conditional. Nice hair can be dry, and fat — to make normal. It all depends on external factors and characteristics of care. If you choose the right cosmetics, moderate use of styling instruments, balanced diet, you can achieve excellent results and make your hair strong and healthy.