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Glycerin — a powerful tool for the hair for pennies!

Glycerin can be called a truly unique and versatile tool. This tool is added to shampoos, beauty masks, creams. In the home of cosmetology glycerin is used quite often, because it has a softening effect, improves the General condition of the hair and skin.

Glycerin for hair

Scientific studies have proven that glycerol not only acts beneficially on the skin but also on hair. After applying, the composition of which has glycerin, the hair is soft, manageable, easy to comb. With this tool you can get rid of problems like dandruff and split ends. If your hair is dry and brittle, it is ideal for them is glycerin. No hair means better and more affordable. In essence, glycerine is a transparent viscous liquid, which dissolves easily in water.

The main property of glycerol is the ability to restore the hair to give it moisture.

It not only improves their General condition, and appearance. Not necessary to purchase expensive hair products with glycerin because the pharmacy this tool can be purchased quite cheaply. There are a huge number of home recipes, which consists of glycerin. The use of these tools allows you to quickly get rid of dandruff, strengthen hair, add vitality and replenish health.

What is glycerin?

From the chemical point of view, glycerol is a triatomic alcohol, which is virtually odorless. In cosmetics is used primarily as a moisturizer. Has a lot of positive properties, but it is believed that the negative qualities this tool has much more.

Remember that glycerin is a tool that must be used as intended and in a strictly specified quantities, because it is a medicine has its side effects.

The fact that many are convinced that glycerin creates only the illusion of moisture, but actually dry and age the skin. We can say that the truth in this is still there. Glycerin absorbs moisture from the air. That is why it is not recommended to use when the air is too dry, as then the tool begins to pull moisture from deep skin and hair. In addition, you cannot use glycerin in its pure form.

Why use glycerin and why it is considered a powerful tool for the hair

Thanks to its unique properties, namely the ability to pull moisture from the air and saturate her hair, glycerin is an excellent product. After using it a noted the following:

  • hair becomes more manageable;
  • they are easier tostaining;
  • not electrified;
  • hair grow faster and regenerate.

Very often, the glycerin is used to combat dandruff. And this is rightly so, because this disease is primarily associated with dry scalp, namely glycerin helps restore moisture balance. This tool is able to restore hair from the inside, helps them to regenerate.

It is especially recommended to use products with glycerin blondes. With regular use of such tools is markedly improved hair color, they will look brighter and brighter. Special caution applies to the glycerin brunettes and women with dyed hair, as glycerin can significantly discolor hair.

It is best to use glycerin in combination with other natural ingredients. You can prepare a mask for growth, regeneration and repair hair to improve their appearance, to give softness and Shine. Before bleaching or dyeing them in bright colors, it is recommended to spend a few cosmetic procedures with use of means with glycerin. After dyeing, for a more rapid recovery of the hair structure, you can also use a natural mask with glycerin.

The correct application of glycerol. Manual

As with any drug, glycerin needs to be used correctly. Before first use make sure that the tool does not cause you allergies. To do this, lubricate sensitive places (the skin behind the ear, crease of elbow) in glycerin and observe the reaction of the skin within 2-3 hours. If no rashes or redness is not detected, you can safely proceed to the treatment of the hair with glycerin.

The rules of applying it to the hair:

  • Wash the head with warm water with shampoo, slightly dry the hair. Do not dry hair!
  • Dip fingertips into the mixture and gently RUB it into the scalp, thus making the massage.
  • After, evenly spread the mask with hair comb.
  • The tips of the hair dip into the mask and spread evenly across the length.
  • Cover the head with plastic wrap and wrap with a warm towel. The fact that glycerol effectively aktiviziruyutsya warm, so ignore this item, not worth it.
  • After 30-40 minutes rinse the mask with warm water. Apply shampoo is not necessary.

Apply the mask with glycerol is recommended 2-3 times in a week, the course of treatment 2 months. For prevention and maintaining perfect hair condition to make such a mask no more than once inweek.

The preparation of masks for hair with glycerin does not take much time and will cost much less than store-bought tools. One of the positive qualities of glycerin is that it can perfectly be combined with many herbal decoctions, oils, food. Adding different ingredients, you will be able to obtain new and useful masks that will give your hair a healthy appearance and will help to get rid of problems.

Feedback about the use of glycerin for hair

Almost every woman noted the beneficial effects of glycerin on your hair, of course, provided it is applied correctly.

Ludmila, 26 years:

"After using glycerin mask, my hair become manageable and healthy-looking Shine. Now I can easily style their hair in any, even the most difficult hair."

Alevtina, 22:

"I've always had one major problem — dandruff. Using glycerin masks, within two months I not only got rid of dandruff and split ends, but also greatly improved the condition of my hair."

Antonina, 30 years:

"My hair has never been a particular health, they were dry and brittle. After I started regularly to make glycerin mask the appearance and condition of the hair is greatly improved. They were obedient, easy to comb, dandruff and all disappeared without a trace."

Say trichologists about the use of glycerin

The question of the usefulness of glycerol trichologists clear — everything is good in moderation. Glycerin is really able to improve the structure of hair, nourish them with moisture to improve the scalp condition. But it is impossible in any case to this tool, because it can lead to the opposite result — dryness and brittleness of hair.

The opinion of a trichologist about glycerin:

Mask with glycerin can really help in some cases, but it must be remembered that any self-medication can be dangerous. Before the use of any tools, you should consult a narrow specialist."

Of course, to use glycerin or not, every woman decides for itself. Best of all, if you have any problems with hair, immediately consult a doctor. Also remember that excess of any, even the most useful tools that can have a detrimental effect on the General condition of your hair. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly comply with all recommendations and do not exceed the established norms in the recipes of masks and cosmetics.