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The name of the specialist (doctor) hair?

Hair, despite the fact that the named appendages of the skin, is the same body as everyone else. Their health depends not only on the quality of those surface cosmetics, which supports the hygiene of the head, but also on the state of the whole organism. Therefore, if you suddenly fall out or quickly gain fat hair against dandruff, split ends are a signal of ill health internal. In this case, a trip to the Barber or beautician is not a solution: you need to look for the solution deeper. And this will help the doctor through his hair.

The name of the doctor's hair?

Specialist, which precisely deals with the diagnosis and therapy of diseases and conditions scalp and hair, called the trichologist. This doctor, who has got specialization in dermatology, but that sighting is studying everything about the structure and growth of hair, their health and the underlying layer of the skin. The science of studying the activity of hair is called trichology.

Indications for treatment with a trichologist following:

  • hair loss foci or diffuse;
  • dandruff;
  • if there is increased production of secretion of the sebaceous glands of the head;
  • itching of the skin in the head area;
  • hair has lost elasticity, thinned;
  • trichotillomania;
  • gray hair at a young age;
  • rash on the scalp.

What are the duties of a specialist in hair?

On the basis of complaints, a thorough medical history (illnesses you and close relatives), as well as inspection of the hairy skin of the head and skin doctor makes the preliminary diagnosis.

He says it with such studies:

  1. trichoscopy with a special computer device is carried out inspection of the hair and the underlying skin;
  2. trichomitria diagnostics that help you assess the prescription of hair loss;
  3. phototrichogram is a method that enables the use of computer programs and devices to assess how the speed of the follicles to grow hair, how long and a day grow, in what quantity falls out in 24 hours.

This diagnosis trichologist conducts immediately after the examination, if necessary. Also, the specialist may send to such surveys:

  • biochemical examination of blood;
  • immunogram;
  • a blood test for iron levels;
  • determination in urine and blood concentrations of hormones;
  • advice related professionals.

According to a survey trichologist prescribes therapy. It can be pills, injections. But also the doctor conducts such instrumental procedure:

  • trichology head massage;
  • mesotherapy;
  • plasmacutting;
  • bio-lamination;
  • ozone therapy;
  • procedure "Micro Mist" and "Roller Ball";
  • cryomassage;

Thus, the trichologist isthe specialist, who can help with hair loss and many other problems. Through comprehensive examination, the specialist determines the problem and assigns aimed at his treatment.