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The role of melanin in the early graying of hair

Hair, as we know, there are a variety of colors — from light brown to the color of deep black. But anyway, the hair begins to turn gray, giving the holders of such "exclusive" important and wise. However, no one wants to put up with it all and proceed to action.

attention Be sure to read our material about the early graying of hair with possible causes and methods of treatment.

Causes of gray hair can be different, but the most common is the aging process and heredity. But what about those who have gray hair is 50 years, and in 18? Early graying is due to a variety of diseases, including diabetes, different diseases, anemia. It is not excluded in this sad list, and the stress caused by a terrible event in my life. Hair coloring and its duration depend on the amount of melanin in special cells melanocytes. After some time and wear out the melanocytes lose their ability to produce we need melanin. Accordingly, the hair, deprived of the right to it "product saturation" is lost.

Gray is most frequently visited by the first men's hair, namely a beard and mustache. Women in this matter was more fortunate. They "feel" hormones that work for both of us, giving more of the desired melanin. But there are exceptions to the rule. The darker strands of hair, the faster they will slip the silver thread of gray. However, the brown-haired women can exhale after a full graying of hair have blonde comes much earlier than them.