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Dry shampoo — a detailed review of the best remedies reviews

Dry shampoo is considered a novelty of cosmetics for hair care. In fact, he appeared long ago, but the low quality did not allow this tool to gain a deserved place on the market for other hair products. About the features, benefits, ways of use and popular varieties of dry shampoos will tell that story.

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Dry shampoo is a powder tool that allows you to clean the hair from dirt and grease without using water.

The tool has several advantages:

  • Allows you to achieve clean hair and volume;
  • The product is suitable for use in emergency situations when there is no access to water. Usually dry shampoos take with me on long trips, on holiday or in hospital;
  • If you use dry shampoo in small amounts, it will not bring harm to the hair;
  • Especially good dry shampoo for

    Dry shampoo will give freshness to your hair without using water. The tool leaves no residue on hair after combing.

    • Dry shampoo comes in spray form;
    • A spray applied to the entire surface of the hair;
    • Left overs are removed with a hair dryer or towel;
    • Shampoo eliminates excessive oiliness of hair.

    Reviews about dry shampoo

    Svetlana, 35 years

    The effect of the shampoo really is, but after spraying around is a cloud of white dust. Chose this tool because we often go on business trips, and access to water is not always available. In the way your hair is extremely dirty, greasy. Because of this, do not feel comfortable. I saw the advertisement of dry shampoo and decided to buy it. Tried it the next day. What I want to say? Overall like the effect, but I advise anyone who gets it, to strictly follow the instructions before handling head cover clothing with a towel. By this means remain on clothes unsightly stains.

    Emma, 23 years

    Have used dry shampoo for the first time. In principle, the remedy is easy, but very hard to get rid of my hair and clothes. Tried a Hairdryer to brush effect almost was not. Had to tear manually. I think that dry shampoo is suitable only for extreme cases.

    Victoria, 25 years

    To advertised on TV remedies for hair care treat with caution but to buy shampoo yet decided. It has a good effect on the hair, removes excess oil and makes the hair lush. Was pleased with the result.

    Dry shampoo Batiste

    Batiste dry shampoo – a great tool forcleanse hair without water. This shampoo gives hair extra volume and a nice scent, and makes them clean. Due to its special formula components dry shampoo penetrate the hair, absorb the dirt and grease, refreshing and purifying the hair. The tool is characterized by ease of use and will be useful to you when you visit the gym or during outdoor recreation.

    Batiste dry shampoo – a product that has received numerous awards. It can be used for different hair types. The effect is expressed as follows:

    • Hair after applying dry shampoo, Batiste is soft and clean, smell good;
    • Removes hair without using water. It's lifeless and dull hair transform;
    • Suitable for any hair type;
    • Dry shampoo – perfect for active and confident people.

    Batiste is ideal for active people who want to look attractive at any time. With the help of dry shampoo and this brand, you can quickly eliminate ugly Shine around the roots of the hair. This tool will come to your aid in the following cases:

    • When there is not enough time to wash your hair with regular shampoo with water;
    • If you lead an active lifestyle, exercise regularly.

    After applying the dry powder on your hair is absorbed dirt, dust and fat, as a result, the hair is well cleaned.

    Reviews about dry shampoo Batiste

    Valerie, 24 years

    Batiste is the first dry shampoo I tried. To look for a replacement don't want too much. Shampoo its primary function perfectly. The hair becomes fluffy and, most importantly, clean. Soft components of the product do not cause allergies on the skin. Overall I like it, but he has a few drawbacks: 1) ends quickly, although I use them rarely enough; 2) Dry shampoo batiste has a very pungent odor, which is poorly aerated; 3) the Tool is very hard to find. To buy it, mostly only in online stores.

    Eugenics, 37 years

    Dry shampoo batiste was chosen because of the high fat content of hair. Before washing my hair daily, but this was of little help. I decided to use a dry shampoo. Batiste was applied on the hair along the parting, left for a few minutes and then combed out with a comb. In a result my hair was clean and spacious, with a pleasant aroma. Dry shampoo brand batiste is inexpensive, but shows great effect. I use it now regularly.

    Albina, 30 years

    I never thought about buying a dry shampoo and thought it was the tool of the lazy. My hair I washed daily,no matter what the circumstances. Once on the website online beauty store saw the review about batiste. Buy it from decided not to, but took this review on the note. Purchased spontaneously, and used the shampoo, when I overslept for work and had no time to wash the head. Such a resounding result, to be honest, I didn't expect. A nice bonus to clean the hair became more volume and a pleasant floral aroma. Of course, use a shampoo I recommend only in emergency cases, it is better to wash my hair in the usual way.

    Dry shampoo Dove

    Dove dry shampoo – an effective tool for rapid purification of hair. Can be used both for dry and for oily hair. Available in spray form and promotes the rapid elimination of greasy hair. Shampoo is sprayed on hair on distance of the extended hand is combed with a comb. To use this tool you need not more than 1 time a week. The cost of shampoo is acceptable even for buyers with average incomes. Recommended for use in emergency and unexpected situations. Dove dry shampoo does not cause significant harm to hair.

    Reviews about dry shampoo Dove

    Alena, 30 years

    Dry shampoo Dove bought my husband's sister. I tried it on myself a couple of times. I want to say that for field conditions, this tool is quite suitable, but the effect is still much worse than normal shampoo. The hair after application though and be cleaner, but the usual lightness and airiness about them. In addition, comb with a hair is not so easy, is still a white film.

    Marina, 21 years

    Liked the nice smell of the shampoo, but about efficiency – I disagree. Very difficult to understand, and for dark hair, as for me, it doesn't fit at all (white plaque still). Believe that this tool can only pay attention blondes and girls with light brown hair. Economical dry shampoo brand Dove cannot be called, it ends very quickly.

    Lola, 18 years old

    I am the owner of oily hair. Dry shampoo is a real salvation for me. Tried such tools from different manufacturers, but the best was the dove shampoo. Its main advantages is a good cleansing the hair, eliminating Shine, giving your hair extra volume (as when a professional installation). After applying this shampoo your hair does not crease even under the cap.

    Dry shampoo Oriflame

    Dry shampoo Oriflame catalogues of the company in several varieties:

    • Expert balance. This type of shampoo allows to clean not only your hair but also the scalp. The effect after using is storedfor 72 hours. The cost of the shampoo – about 200 roubles;
    • Expert maximum volume. This version of dry shampoo from Oriflame is designed for women and girls with thin hair. They give the hairstyle more volume, which will remain for a long time (about a day). It should be a shampoo in the range 250-280 rubles;
    • Expert Beauty and power. This dry shampoo is suitable for brittle and lifeless hair. He will restore the hair's natural strength, making them attractive, clean and spacious. The price of this product is about 240 rubles.

    To purchase any of the following types of dry shampoo a variety of ways. The best option is to purchase the catalog through a private consultant. Checkout tools over the phone by calling the contact centre of Avon.

    Reviews about dry shampoo Oriflame

    Anna, 25 years

    I was a young mother. Time is sometimes not enough even to sleep, not so much on hair care. So dry shampoo from Oriflame became my assistant. Dry shampoo allows for a few minutes allow the hair in order, without using water. Those who have small children, I understand. Especially a good effect when use for oily hair. Overall, happy with the shampoo, it was a real lifesaver for me.

    Alina, 35 years

    Just want to note that dry shampoo from Oriflame – a good and convenient invention. Did not like the smell – very sharp, but fades quickly with good ventilation of the room. Take this shampoo with me on vacation, since it is necessary to go for a few days on the train. Of course, this shampoo can not be put in comparison with conventional, but for emergency situations it is acceptable. Hair after applying them heavier and easier to style.

    Bogdan, 42

    Dry shampoo Oriflame – means on the fan. I did not like. Hair was left dull and not shiny. I may be wrong it was, but the result remained dissatisfied. More I will not buy it.

    Dry shampoo Lush

    Dry shampoo Lush has established itself from the best side. It promotes rapid cleansing the hair from dirt and dust perfectly tones the scalp. The use of this tool will allow you to enrich our bodies hair, give your curls a healthy Shine.

    Reviews about dry shampoo Lush

    Elena, 45 years

    Dry shampoo Lush always comes to my rescue in difficult situations. Hadn't thought about buying it, but one day came a long time in the hospital. Here it was useful to me and. I at that time was short, and therefore consumption of resources was small. An additional advantage of dry shampoo this brand was a pleasant aroma of citrus. In hospital usedit through the day, and hair were clean. The price of this tool for me was small (390 rubles), and the efficiency is high. Recommend this shampoo for anyone who leads an active lifestyle and constantly has time constraints.

    Zarina, 33

    Among the advantages of dry shampoo can note a small expense and a great fat removal from the hair. However, for regular use suggesting it will not. Once purchased this tool and decided to try it. After applying the hair cleaner, but Shine stopped. This shampoo will help out, if there is no access to water, or not enough time for a full shampooing. I will buy a Lush shampoo constantly.

    Irina, 27 years

    Dry shampoos in General are not interested in, but one still had to purchase this tool. Chose the Lush brand because it was cheaper. The consumption of shampoo is small, but the effect is hardly noticeable. I have the hair dark Auburn, so they left a white bloom even after a thorough combing. In General I think that for the first time, the best fit dry shampoo spray, not powder.

    So, dry shampoo will be your helpers in emergency cases when you need to look your best, and time to wash the head there.