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The shampoo Keto Plus instructions for use, price, reviews and analogues

The shampoo Keto Plus is a common medication for the treatment of dandruff and various scalp disorders. Numerous rave reviews about Keto Plus speak for themselves. How good is this drug and how to use it properly?

Шампунь Кето Плюс

Ketoconazole is the main active ingredient in the shampoo Keto Plus. It effectively cope with the fungus and is used to treat dermatitis and other skin lesions. The second active ingredient is pyrithione zinc. It has antimicrobial action, is used in the treatment of herpes, diseases of fungal origin and relieve inflammation from the skin.

Accessories shampoo Keto Plus:

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Propylene glycol
  • Magnesium silicate
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Extract coconut oil
  • Water

If the hair has grey hair or they are subjected to chemical treatment after use might slight discoloration. If they fall, the process may temporarily increase.

The structure includes a perfume "French bouquet" that gives a floral fragrance. The color pinkish. Available in bubbles of white plastic, 60 ml. Each bottle is Packed in a box of their cardboard. Manufacturer of shampoo, the Indian company Glenmark, Pharmaceuti Ltd.

In some cases, it is recommended to use Keto Plus shampoo

Shampoo with ketoconazole Keto plus effectively cope with fungal diseases of the skin, relieves itching and irritation, dries skin damage, reduces inflammation. Can be used alone or in combination therapy.

Indications for use:

  • Seborrhea of the scalp
  • Pityriasis versicolor
  • Dandruff of any origin

The shampoo Keto Plus not absorbed into the body can use at any age and during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Remedy in addition to treatment you can apply to prevent fungus people with risk of infection and attending public places (swimming pools, sauna, Solarium, resorts and recreation). Or if one of the family members has a fungus.

Keto Plus: instructions for use

The drug Keto Plus not recommended for use with other detergents. This may reduce the therapeutic effect. Also, do not use drugs, which includes ketoconazole. Overdose of this component can lead to peeling of the skin, its dryness or irritation. If the tool is used in complex therapy, it must be approved by the trichologist.

Instruction Keto Plus:

  1. To treat pityriasis versicolor the shampoo is used daily atfor 7 days.
  2. When seborrheic dermatitis enough to use shampoo 2-3 times a week course of 30 days. Then look at the result.
  3. To prevent depriving shampoo 3 days in a row.
  4. To prevent oily enough to wash my hair 1 time per 5-7 days in a month.

How to use shampoo:

  1. Hair should be wet with water.
  2. A small amount of shampoo froth in the palm of your hand, cover the hair, especially focusing on the skin.
  3. Stand 3-5 minutes.
  4. Wash off with warm water.

If after using the problems with hair styling, you can use air conditioning. But it must be applied only to the lengths and ends, avoiding hit on a skin.

If the medication has not helped to finally deal with the problem, it is possible to continue the treatment. The break needs to be done.

The price of the shampoo Keto Plus

Shampoo is a therapeutic drug and can be bought only in pharmacies. In Moscow, the average price Keto Plus from 530 rubles for a bottle of 60 ml. In Volgograd can be purchased from 480 rubles per pack.

The shampoo Keto Plus reviews

Since the drug is available for quite a long time, many consumers have already managed to meet him and share experiences after use. Reviews shampoo Keto Plus diverse, but they are mainly positive.

Anna, 30 years:

The shampoo Keto Plus saved me from seborrheic dermatitis, with which I struggled for a few months, in just 2 weeks. I appointed him physician-trichologist. Now I recommend this medication to all my friends.

Albina, 43 years:

Effective drug for treatment of dandruff. If it is just beginning it is enough to wash the hair 1-2 times. The itching is after the first wash. And yet there is never a problem with their purchase, you can buy in any pharmacy.

Viki, 27 years:

I have a very sensitive scalp and dandruff appears frequently, 5 times a year. Used folk remedies, different ointments, soap. Now constantly acquire shampoos with ketoconazole. They are easier and faster. Except Keto Plus also like you have Parhotel and Nizoral. Buy different means, particular preference no.

Svetlana, 37 years old:

I really like it, but the price bites. Suitable for people with short hair and for washing my braids vial 60 ml is only enough for 2 times, and then a stretch. In the course of treatment of seborrhoea it took me 7 bubbles, which is well reflected in the wallet.

Vlada Koroleva, 23:

Keto Plus saved me from tinea versicolor. And quite quickly. But the only negative – could not after applying to hair. They became very dry andsticking out in different directions. Already on the tips and the balm was applied, it became a bit softer and livelier. Now everything is fine.

Julia, 24 years:

I Keto Plus helped to cope with seborrhea. Used it for over a month. After 3 applications the skin condition has improved, I continued the treatment according to the instructions. But further improvement was not, but also did not become worse. Had to use a different tool.

Alena, 31 years:

Great shampoo, really helps to cure dandruff. The consumption is very economical, I to wash your hair is enough to squeeze out a drop about the size of a coin. By the way, for the first time were surprised by the pleasant smell, did not expect. As the packaging says that the medicine, thought the smell will be absent or shampoo will have a neutral flavor.

Counterparts the shampoo Keto Plus

Except Keto Plus there is a lot of money, having in composition ketoconazol, but the exact ingredients of drugs not. Drugs can have a slightly different composition and concentration of the active substance. Overall, the action and the reading are the same, may differ only the terms of use. Popular counterparts: Nizoral, Sibasa, Mycosoral, Parkhotel, Mechanical. If we consider the second active ingredient Pirition zinc, the analogue may be Skin-cap.

The shampoo Keto Plus is an effective and affordable tool for the treatment of dandruff and fungal infections of the scalp. The drug is easy to use, common and can be purchased at any pharmacy. Another great advantage is the absence of contraindications, and the risk of side effects is less than 1%.