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Shampoo for oily hair — a review of the 10 best funds

Greasy hair the next day after washing becomes dull, quickly lose volume, the strands stick together at the roots, as if oiled. They bring the hostess a lot of trouble and require suitable facilities for washing. How to choose the best shampoo for oily hair?

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Shampoo Natura Siberica for oily hair "Volume and balance" with extracts of Arctic raspberry and cedar elfin is designed to restore the balance of skin and normalize the sebaceous glands. Designed for both women and men. Like all organic company Natura siberika, this shampoo contains no parabens or sulfates.

In addition to Arctic raspberries and of cedar in the shampoo contains organic extracts of oak, nettle, chamomile, mylonaki. Has a slight smell, does not irritate the scalp, does not contain dyes and perfumes, well washed. The hair is long enough to stay clean. Of the minuses – not everyone is used to natural shampoos and can be disappointed by the lack of abundant, artificial foam. The line also there is a conditioner for oily hair. The cost of the shampoo from 180 rubles per 400 ml.


ELS shampoo for oily hair and normal with a tendency to greasiness. You can use hair greasy at the roots and dry at the tips. Contains citrus extracts and vitamins. Does not contain silicone, is fairly thick and translucent. Has a pleasant fresh fragrance reminiscent of a Mojito. Good foam and distributed on the hair. Washes well contamination, grease even the first time. Does not dry the skin, hair, fresh and very light, do not stick together and hold the volume.

Also suitable for washing the heavy masks of oils that can not handle all funds. To buy ELS shampoo for oily hair at a price of 120 rubles for a bottle of 250 ml.


Shamtu shampoo for oily hair contains extracts of herbs: verbena, bergamot, pomelo. Does not contain silicones, but there are other chemical ingredients. Shampoo foams well, but is also easily washed off as soon as contact with the water. After washing, the hair becomes much drier and very light. It has a pleasant smell of herbs and quite a thick consistency. Economical rate.

A distinctive feature of the shampoo Shamtu – creating the volume, even on oily, prone to heaviness and agglutination of the hair.

In the line there is a light conditioner, and spray for hair "Explosive volume in 10 seconds, which also does not weigh down the hair. Buy Shamtu with extracts can be from 80 rubles for a bottle 380 ml.

Dry shampoo

Professional shampoo for oily hair from the company l'oreal. SpecialAqua crystal formula effectively removes grease, styling products, impurities from hard water and protects the scalp. Normalizes sebum production and allows you to wash your hair much less frequently. Very foam, and low consumption. Washes hair to the skin, making them airy, bright and gives good volume.

Can overdry the ends, so not suitable for mixed type and owners have long hair, prone to splitting.

Unfortunately not sold everywhere, but you can buy via Internet. The cost of professional shampoo from 530 rubles for 250 ml.

Lush Exotics

Deep cleansing shampoo for oily hair. Contains extracts of fruits: pineapple, kiwi, papaya, mango and lemon oil. The composition is not completely natural, but close to it. Effectively eliminates the greasy. Has an amazing fruity aroma. Retain purity, freshness. Excellent foaming and very economical.

Shampoo can dry the length and cause split ends, therefore only suitable for very oily hair.

To buy Lush shampoo for oily hair from 320 rubles for a bottle of 250 ml.

Green Mama Currant and nettle

Shampoo green Mama Currant and nettles designed for oily hair. Contains extracts of medical herbs: nettle, BlackBerry, St. John's wort, mother and stepmother, cedar and honey. There are chemical ingredients. A good shampoo with a long lasting freshness while gently caring for the scalp, it is not too dry. The smell is very light, subtle. The consistency is medium, the shampoo is transparent with a yellow tint.

To buy shampoo green Mama from 200 rubles per bottle of 400 ml.

Freederm Tar

The shampoo friderm with tar intended for the treatment of dandruff and cleansing very oily hair. Effectively eliminates the greasiness and removes excess fat from the first time. The fly in the ointment has antibacterial and antimicrobial activity. The shampoo does not contain preservatives and artificial dyes and relates to hypoallergenic. Smell of tar on hair remains.

The shampoo friderm tar is compatible with any remedies for oily hair.

To buy shampoo friderm tar in pharmacy from 500 rubles for 150 ml.

Head&Shoulders Citrus fresh

Shampoo Heden Sholders Citrus freshness formulated for oily hair. The composition of the non-natural, contains no parabens, sulfates, silicones and various additives. But this does not prevent him to be popular and have lots of admiring comments. As with all shampoos, the company citrus also effectively cope with dandruff. Lathers well, deep cleans hair and gets rid of greasy Shine. The density of the medium, the shampoo is opaque, white color.Has an amazing citrus scent, very bright and invigorating. The line also present citrus conditioner for oily hair.

To buy shampoo from 200 rubles for 400 ml.

Garnier Natural care with lime

Shampoo from Garnier with lime designed for oily and normal hair. Cleans the hair, they stay fresh and light for a few days. For washing oily hair should not use or only during the summer, as this shampoo can dry out. Has a good smell that lasts on the hair for the whole day. The consistency is medium, shampoo transparent yellow. Hair after application do not tangle, easy to comb, have a healthy glow.

To buy shampoo Garnier for oily hair with lime from 70 rubles for 200 ml.

A clear guide when buying cleansers for oily hair not. Someone will approach simple burdock shampoo or tar soap, and someone's hair react positively only to professional tools with a rich composition. Especially individually. Well, today the shelves are full of range and there are plenty to choose from.