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Choosing the best shampoo for dry hair. Review brands

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Shampoo for dry hair and scalp is a line called "Smart money". Cares for the hair and skin, nourishes, moisturizes and gives Shine.

Despite its cost, this product is not inferior to many expensive tools.

The action of the shampoo Clean Line:

  1. Deeply nourishes the hair shaft and skin.
  2. Strengthens the bond of the hair and scalp.
  3. Helps with breakage and cross-section, seals the hair.

Despite included with the sulfates, the shampoo contains extracts a lot of useful plants:

  • Black mulberry
  • Soapwort
  • Chamomile
  • Yarrow
  • St. John's wort
  • Oak
  • Nettle

The consistency of the shampoo is medium density, foam well. Color: transparent, light green. Good hair, washes to squeak. The smell of mulberry, light and unobtrusive, quickly disappears from the hair. The many positive reviews of shampoo for dry hair and its popularity is largely determined by the low price. Buy smart shampoo at a price of 70 rubles per 400 ml.

Shampoo for dry hair Dove Hair Therapy Nourishing care"

Shampoo Dove (Dove) for dry hair effectively moisturises and restores elasticity. It is composed of sulfates, but they compensate for ultra-thin oils that penetrate deep into the core of cleaned hair and skin, not weight.

The action of shampoo Dove Nourishing stroke:

  1. Deeply nourishes the scalp and hair.
  2. Smooth the hair scales, making them silky.
  3. Do not effect the fat and sleek hair.
  4. Moisturizes the entire length, even dry ends look well maintained.
  5. Hair pushatsya and not electrified.

The shampoo has a creamy texture with a pearly Shine. The smell is light, cosmetic, shampoo, not very long. Forms a rich foam, the consumption is very economical. The hair does not tangle even without using the balm, which also goes in the line. With caution should use to owners of fine hair, while the shampoo is not greasy, strong moisture they can lose volume. Buy Dove shampoo "Feed care" at a price of 110 rubles per bottle of 200 ml.

Natura Siberica Protection and nutrition "


Professional shampoo for dry and damaged hair Kerastase Bain Satin 2 is the winner of many awards and recognitions, the packaging cost of the relevant stamps. Also suitable for sensitive scalp, hair prone to breakage and increased hair loss.

In the shampoo is special developed by l'oreal complex that every hair gets the Shine, elasticity, softness and healthy.

Also in the Kerastase is present:

  • Glycerin
  • Proteins satin
  • Lipids

The consistency of the shampoo is quite thick, white, opaque. Foams well and washes the hair the first time, as it contains sulfates. The consumption is very economical, enough squeezing a few drops of. The smell perfumed, pronounced. The cost of shampoo Kerastase Bain Satin 2 from 1200 rubles for 250 ml.

Herbal Essences "Kiss the rain"

Herbal Essences shampoo "Kiss the rain" — part of the complex for dry and damaged hair, which includes a mask and a balm. The shampoo is very light, not much foam, but despite that revitalizes hair, even in hard or cold water. Even without the use of conditioner the hair easy to comb, smooth, moisturized. The smell of the shampoo is sweet, reminiscent of vanilla and coconut.

In the shampoo Herbal Essences included:

  • Coconut extract
  • Orchid extract

Harmful sulfates manufacturer was replaced by a more gentle detergent. What adds another plus to the shampoo. Gently nourishes the scalp, does not cause irritation even for dry and sensitive. The average price of shampoo "Kiss the rain" from 180 rubles per 400 ml.

Suitable shampoo for dry and damaged hair less harmful to them, carefully apply to the scalp and gently cleanses. But its best use is in complex with nourishing masks, balms and protective equipment. Then the result will not keep itself waiting, and the hair will gain softness, elasticity and Shine.