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Shampoo for dandruff — how to choose? 10 of the most effective means

Many are familiar with is not aesthetic scales occurring on the scalp and delivers unpleasant emotions as the owner and others who see them on the collars of the clothes and hair of the person who is faced with the unpleasant phenomenon called dandruff. Dandruff is considered to be a cosmetic problem, but it would be better to take her to the medical field.

Those who once faced with the problem of dandruff, certainly not once wondered about the selection of the means once and for all solve this trouble. Today there are plenty of shampoos of different nature, which are designed to solve the problem of dandruff. Shampoos many varieties, which differ from each other the active substance and the overall composition.

As a rule, from the search for effective remedies for dandruff, face many issues, and in rare cases it is possible to find "their" means the first time. Here the term "best way" — for each individual. The correct tactic is to go to the dermatologist, which will help to determine the causes of the defect and to choose the means of deliverance from it.

Cause of dandruff is a fungus that lives on the skin of the scalp. As soon as favorable conditions, it begins to multiply. Such "favourable" to propagation conditions can be stress, illness, diet, or dehydration. Therapeutic shampoos are considered to be the tools that are most effective for recovery. These shampoos produce serious pharmaceutical companies, and not just those who earn money in the cosmetic area.

Medicated shampoos are, first and foremost, drugs. Selection of type of shampoo depends on the type of dandruff. Dandruff is dry or greasy, covering the entire surface of the scalp or in part (e.g., the edges).

Medicated dandruff shampoos aimed at the treatment course, there is no need to use them constantly. Often, the course must be repeated, it will be beneficial and will help to further forget about this trouble.

Consider the ten best anti-dandruff remedies, which can be purchased in pharmacies of the city.

1) too bad
This blocks the multiplication of hazardous microorganisms, thus preventing the occurrence of dandruff, not bad restores the hair structure, it is recommended for preventive purposes, as well as course of treatment for the dandruff. The active ingredient of the shampoo — ketoconazole. Having keratoliticski-exfoliating, antimicrobial and antifungal activity. Very often appointed in pityriasis lichen. Price category in the city pharmacies: 300-400 rubles.

Reviews about the shampooToo bad

— Not so long ago my husband has dandruff, terrible flakes falling from the head of clothing, bed linen. It was impossible to watch! At first I bought him vitamins, rubbed into the scalp oil, brewer's yeast, but none of the folk remedy did not help, had to go to the doctor. The doctor prescribed too bad. After the first application we saw a positive result, the bottle lasted for a long time, and after 3-4 wash the dandruff disappeared completely and it is not this day, although the last use, it took almost two months. We are very happy.

— This shampoo I bought a year ago when we discovered severe dandruff. The situation was such that we did not want to remove the cap, and flowing hair, I completely forgot. To Sebozol have tried many different shampoos, but he got me on all parameters: the price and the effect, and the duration of the course surprised a few applications and my head was again without dandruff. Some miracles!

3) the Shampoo was Mechanical is a good antifungal agent with activity against yeasts, eumycetes, dermatophytes, staphylococci.
In the process of application is the inhibition of synthesis of fungal and prevent the multiplication of bad bacteria. It is recommended for only external use, while suction is not happening. Actively recommended by dermatologists to combat dandruff. The cost is quite affordable: about 300 rubles per bottle.

Reviews about the shampoo was Mechanical

Valentine's day:
— After birth scalp became very dry and would often notice the presence of dandruff. The last straw was the hair loss. Tried to recover with vitamins and oils, but the result was not. After some time, applied to trichologist, who appointed the first Mechanical, and the diagnosis was at that time "seborrheic dermatitis". The doctor gave a brochure and said come back in a month. Re-admission is not required, within two weeks from the dryness and flaking was not a trace. Very grateful to this medium for the return beauty of the hair and restore balance of the scalp.

— Once upon a time saw an ad for this shampoo, I was immediately interested, since dandruff has been the place to be, and hair strongly climb. My hair is oily, often change means for washing hair to find the most effective for yourself. In the first pharmacy I bought the shampoo and was pleased with everything except the size of the bottle. Although it was enough for the initial rate. Recommend.

4) Dermazole Shampoo (Dermazole) is an effective antifungal agent, inhibits fungal reproduction ergosterol, fights Candida, Microsporum, etc.
Prescribed for dandruff, and seborrheic dermatitis as in the prevention and course of treatment. Costpharmacies – from 300 rubles.

Reviews about Dermazole shampoo

— I believe that the presence of dandruff for girls is unacceptable. This shampoo some time ago, treated my young man, but, unfortunately, it's time for me to try it. I liked that the shampoo foams well, neutral smell, and most importantly – after the first wash I saw results.

— Long could not understand with the condition of your scalp. Thought it was normal dandruff but the doctor has diagnosed – a seborrhea. The problem was not cosmetic in nature. There was a feeling that the skin pieces came off with the head. I tried various means, but the result is zero. I bought the Pepper on the advice of a pharmacist (doctor prescribed ointment which was not of persuasion). After the second wash I saw the result, a couple of applications and the head was fine.

5) Home Institute with nettles is a modern dermatological agent. Created using the thermal waters. Recommended by doctors in cases of severe dandruff, and in rare cases to prevent.
Able to relieve itching, restore the integrity, to give a natural Shine. Controls the oiliness of the skin. The cost to pharmacies of the city from 350 rubles.

Reviews about the shampoo

— Excellent remedy for dandruff that saved me. Pleased pleasant smell, dandruff became much less after the third application, the hair started to grow. Would recommend.
— Did not believe that there are means to get rid of dandruff quickly and permanently. But after this shampoo it really was.

6) Bioderma Node shampoo is able to keep normal flora. Will have an antifungal effect, relieves inflammation. Prolonged use has a unique effect on the cells, effectively removes dandruff. Prescribed for seborrhea, dandruff, and even psoriasis. The cost from 500 rubles per bottle.

Reviews about the shampoo

— The main advantage of this tool is that it does not desiccate the hair, smell weird, but not distasteful. And most importantly, the dandruff is gone, I got what you wanted.
— I was worried about itching and flaking that is similar in appearance to dandruff. The shampoo helped almost immediately, all worry gone. I'm happy with.

7) Vichy Dercos tool consisting of selenium disulfide, as well as salicylic acid. Applied for dandruff, itchy seborrhea and General discomfort of the scalp. The average price in drugstores – about 450 rubles per bottle.

Reviews about the shampoo

— My husband had oily seborrhea, spent a lot of money on salons and fashionable shampoos. He decided to buy Vichy at the advice of a friend. The result struck us! No dandruff, the hair look great. Very happy andnow all recommend!

8) Klorane cure dry dandruff with nasturtium. The shampoo nasturtium extract, salicylic acid, and the component of the fighting against the fungus. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action. Effectively removes dandruff, and generally revitalizes the scalp, stimulates hair growth. The average price in drugstores – from 450 rubles.

Reviews about the shampoo

Is about a teenager, I have dandruff, and 7 years of torment with her, not knowing how to remove this horrible itching. In the summer the situation has always been better than winter and autumn. Once I was advised at the pharmacy shampoo Kloran. I want to say that for me it was a revelation. Dandruff has almost disappeared, the hair was gorgeous, well-combed, shiny. In General, I'm satisfied.

9) Squaphane S shampoo recommended for resistant dandruff, fungus of the scalp, irritation and itching. Use salicylic acid, miconazole, climbazole, resorcinol, essential oils and other components. Copes with seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff of ordinary, which is long-term and other disturbances of the scalp. The average price in drugstores – from 650 roubles for a bottle.

Reviews about the shampoo

— My sister advised me this shampoo when I complained that I had severe dandruff, which could take about six months. Shampoo liked it, I would call it "quality". Good foam, rinse. The hair is very soft. Itching disappeared, no dandruff, while the hair smell delicious!

10) Dandruff Control – antifungal agent, is also able to cope with seborrhea, bacteria, relieve inflammation. The tool is rich in peptides, consisting of climbazole and plant extracts (burdock, mint and so on). Good fights itching and irritation. Recommended for dry dandruff and oily seborrhea.
The cost at drugstores is about 600 rubles a bottle.

Thus, before the beginning of active actions aimed at the fight against bad dandruff, you need to understand why. For some suitable antifungal agent for other drugs for recovery of the sebaceous glands. Some just need to hand over the analysis on hormones, the Quad to learn the proper care of hair, trying not to expose them to the adverse effects of harmful substances.

We reviewed the most popular remedy for dandruff. In most cases, a one-time course of treatment for her deliverance. But we should not forget that every body is different. The key to beautiful hair and healthy scalp – proper care and selection of optimal means for regular care.